Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today's Creative Space...

is more about cutting out, then finished products...

there are quite a few bags cut out, 4 different designs including two for a custom order..

some little girl market skirts...something new for Polkadot Lane..

and there is also the crochet beanies & indie style slouchie hats too...

Head over to Kootoyoo for so many more creative spaces.


  1. LoVE love love those beanies! So cute!

  2. I love those beanies - I made two of them over the weekend! :)

  3. ahhh fabric envy - love stacks of pretty colours :-)
    those beanies are awfully sweet too!!

  4. I´m loving all the fabric cut out and ready to go!
    I find that part to be the most boring and tedious, I always wish that somehow all my pattern pieces would magically cut themselves out and then I could just do the fun sewing part!

  5. Loving that bright little stack of cut outs at the top...sweet as candy!

  6. That fabric looks fantastic!


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