Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Going on Holiday

The kids and I are heading off to SA tomorrow, to spend some long-awaited time with close friends, and of course family. I can't wait to give my nephew lots of cuddles, and my dearest friend Cass lots of cuppas and laughter, and of course catch up with my parents and my sister and the extended family. My mum has actually just been diagnosed with pneumonia, so it's good timing in a way, cos I can help her out a bit, and we can just do girly DVD's and such.

I've decided to split the trip up by staying with friends in Stawell tomorrow, which will be fantastic. I've been friends with this couple for about 15 years now - crazy how time flies :-) Rohan will be joining us in SA next Thursday, flying in and then driving home with us on Monday 6th August, so it is going to be a real LONG break for me - quite bizarre really.

Kiti Q is still up and running as per normal though - with my fabulous sister Danielle taking charge, and me still checking in on occasions.

Sorry, my brain is a bit fuzzy tonight. I didn't each much today and I think my body is giving up a bit earlier tonight than usual.

Ooops - rambling. Will head off. Take care and I look forward to catching up with everything when I get back

K xx

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thank You!

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for everyone's comments and advice. It's been a great help. Lana is looking very spotty now, but I think I've been able to make her more comfortable due to all of your tips, so again - thank you!

Other news - my fantastic sister Danielle ordered me some Love Elsie Lola products - yay! Can't wait to have a play with these. It's such a shame that they aren't been released in Australia cos the Lola and Riley ranges are just gorgeous.

Bam Pop Volume 3 should be leaving the states on Tuesday, so it won't be long and it will be in store. Double Yay!!

I'm off to my dear friend Kate's place this afternoon/evening for a scrap day/night and I can't wait. Not only will I get a break from this house, and sickness, but I'll get to hang out with some girlfriends and scrap - life is good :-)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chicken Pox - Help!!

Ok, well, I think Alannah has chicken pox. Yesterday she showed me a couple of spots on her tummy and I just thought they were bites, as she had no spots anywhere else. Then tonight after dinner she comes to me and says her back is itchy, so I lift up her top and I find at least 10 spots/blister like things on her back, and a few more on her tummy and a few on her face. Pretty much looks like chicken pox - well, that's my home diagnosis - with it going around at her childcare centre, the odds aren't good. So help! What should I do to help her through this? She doesn't seem too bad at the moment but more spots are probably on the way.

Looks like I'll be hanging out at home for the next week or so...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bam Pop Peek - So Fun!

Volume 3 is being launched in just a few days, and I found a few images of the new range. It's bright, it's funky and most importantly, it's fun! The names of these papers are Jellyfish, Ninguins (which is a shortened version of Ninja Penguins - just LOVE it!) and Unicorn Power. Just wanted to share :-)

A Quick Update

I know I've been a terrible blogger & scrapper lately with not much to share, so this is just a quick update :

* Have been hectically busy this week in preparation for Saturday's Scrap'n'Chat with Bon's Scraps. It should be a great day, just takes a bit of work to prep all the products, and organise the other things.

* The new CherryArte paper ranges and rub-ons arrived on Monday - yay! Very bright and cheery.

* Yesterday after work, I just walked into my local hairdresser and asked her to cut my hair off, so now it sits just above my shoulders and I'm happy to have a fresh look, cos I was getting a bit tired of the long hair :-P. (will hopefully have a photo to share after the weekend - hint, hint Dan LOL)

* I FINALLY asked my boss if I could cut my days down to one day per week (doing payroll at a recruitment firm) and he said 'yes' - yay! So as of August, I'll be spending one less day away from my kids and home.

* My hubby Roh has done something to his back, and has only been able to work sporadically over the last couple of weeks - not good :-(

* Just got a copy of the latest Scrapbook Creations mag, and way to go Dan - you are all over this issue! So fantastic. Oh, and I have a layout in there too - my first one published in Scrap Creations.

* Alannah & Jude are well, growing into more mischievious monkeys as every day passes LOL

Ok, think that's about it...oh wait

* Went to the movies on Tuesday night with my fab friend Kate, and we saw "Transformers" and it is such a COOL movie! Loved it!

Ok, that's definitely it now. Have a great Thursday!


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Scrapping again

I had a scrapping afternoon, which was great fun, and I managed to get 3 things ticked off my scrapping 'to-do' list - yay me! Here's one of my layouts.