Thursday, May 21, 2009

Love this song!

So, Paul Dempsey, the lead singer of the band Something for Kate, has just finished making a solo album and this is his first single from that - and it is fantastic!

Roh is a huge fan of this guy, and lucky us - we are going to his sold out gig in Melbourne in a couple of weeks. Can't wait!

Hope you enjoy it!

P.S - This is not the real film clip, just a collaboration of snapshots that a fan has put together on you tube, but still a great song to listen to.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ta Da.....Walls!

Well, 2 walls almost finished that is. But for us, two walls is fantastic!

Here's our front wall, with the kitchen bi-fold window. Love this window! Although now we think we will round the corners a little on the large sill, as Roh's dad whacked his head a beauty on one of the corners (thus the foam taped to the corners) and had to have 9 stitches put in. Not a great start to the day, but he's fine. And the sill is head height for kids, so not so safe.

Same front wall with weatherboards on, except for the top one as the electrical wiring has to be relocated before the weatherboard can be put up. The weatherboards have one coat of paint on it - I'm really liking our colour choice.

Roh working on the left hand side wall. We decided to do the gables in colourbond, in the matching colour of the weatherboards - for easier maintenance.

This is the same wall as above, the left hand side, but a view from the back corner of the house. Here you can see the dramatic difference between the old and the new.

I think the aim is to have the weatherboards and windows all up and in by the end of the Queen's Birthday long weekend which is only a couple of weeks away - yay!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Arty Pants DT Comp Layouts

So, I decided to enter the Arty Pants search, for new DT members, a couple of weeks ago. I like to have the challenges set so I actually do some scrapping, and here are the first two week's entries. The images are a bit dodgy as I left finishing off my layouts to just hours before deadline so had to photograph them inside, with unnatural light - really not great.

Week 1 : Was to be do a layout inspired by an ad out of an 'Inside Out' mag.

Week 2 : This was called a 'mixed bag' challenge. Had to use at least 2 pp's that AP stocks, at least 1 BW photo & 1 coloured, use 2 techniques and use 2 or more different embellishments.

Like I said, the images are a bit dodgy, particularly the 'Boys of Autumn' one, but I'm actually quite happy with how the layout turned out. Got some new thickers today (the green ones) so had fun using them.
Hope you had a good weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Funky Find

Bought these today for one of our bathroom doors, probably the one nearest the living areas. I think they are very funky and I found them via the Decor8 blog. They are from an esty store, Mooza Designs, which is based in Sydney. Nice to support an australian designer, and I love them!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Update

Ok, so roof's on, gables are nearly finished, windows are here but not yet in (except for the bi-fold window - it's in, but not painted), weatherboards have arrived, but again not up. Roh has an RDO tomorrow, so am hoping some wall goes up over the weekend. All is good - al fresco dining is a daily possum invaders are also a regular evening adventure - much to the frustration of Roh, and the delight of the kids!

Here are a few shots, from the last few weeks :

From the back of the house :

I've also ordered this decal for our front door. I've ordered it in black, and I think I'm just going to use the 'welcome' part of it. I like the friendly font. It's from an etsy shop called 'Vinylfruit'.

I also want to get a real graphic, clean-lined font sticker for our house number, which I plan to put above this 'welcome' note on our front door - just got to convince Roh :-P

Actually might have some scrapping to share next update, as had a fun, girly, scrap night last weekend and actually got some scrapping done, for a change (I usually just shuffle paper and drink

Enjoy your day!

Growing Up

These are fairly recent photos taken by DQ of my two. Both growing too fast for my liking!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Our S.A. trip

Ok, so I'm pretty slack with the updating. Here are a few photos from our trip to S.A over Easter.
On Easter Friday we headed out for the day with Dad and Mum to Victor Harbour & Granite Island. They had the little fairground going so the kids got spoilt by their grandparents and went on a few rides and sideshows.
Jude picked the fishing.. While Lana went with the clowns...

They both went on this car/train thingy, with Jude sitting in the front, steering away...

while Lana reminds me of a queen, sitting in the back of an open car,

Then they both went in this car ride together, with Lana doing the steering, and doing it really well too - no crashes!

After Victor Harbour, Dad drove us to the Murray Mouth for a spot of fishing, as Jude had been asking. And that lasted all of about....hmm....10 minutes before Jude had had

Beautiful day though, and lovely spot. The kids had a ball getting wet.

The kids also had their first experience of wearing 3D glasses - funny things - while watching "Journey to the Centre of the Earth"

So we did get up to some other things. I have some strawberry picking photos to edit and upload. We also did lots of things that weren't photographed, and one thing where I wanted to photograph but my camera battery died as I went to take the first photo - terrible!
But definitely have a few photos to scrap, just have to find some space to :-P
Will be back with some more photos soon - lots to share - house, swimming, SA photos..
K xx