Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Building Work - so far..

So Roh's been busy building the frames for the top level of our extension. He started the framing on the 14th Feb and got the far wall up.

The larger gaps are the spaces for our bathroom and ensuite windows - floor to ceiling glass to let in as much natural light as possible. I think I mentioned before, that we redesigned the main bathroom layout, and these windows were part of those changes. Love natural light.

Roh got up on the roof of the existing house to take this photo. These are going to be the kid's bedrooms. Jude's is the one closest to us, Lana's the back one. We've figured out who gets what room by the size of the built-in-robe - obviously the larger wardrobe goes to the girl of the this girl who loves her clothes, shoes and accessories..he he. The rooms actually aren't that different in size though, so I don't think the kids will really care.
Here's the bathroom framing going up.

And here's a photo of the smoke from the fire, when it first started at about 2.45pm on Monday. This was taken from our roof.
Have got a super busy day ahead - packing, cleaning and more packing :-P Oh well!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little bit of 80's Inspiration

I'm playing along with a competition over at Scrap Boutique called 'Passion 4 Fashion' where a decade is picked, and you use that as your inspiration.

Week 1 was the 1980's, and the extra trick with this one was that it had to have lyrics from a 1980's song too. My lyric was taken from a Transvision Vamp song - very cool.

ETA - Image "Love The Way You Groove" removed for publication.

I'm really happy with how this turned out, as I had all these individual ideas but wasn't sure how well they would mesh together, but it worked, I think :-P

Onto some other news :

Fires : We have had our fair share of fire scares over the last 48 hours in Upwey. A fire that has now burnt over 350 hectares of land is under control, just south of where we live. Last night we evacuated to my in-laws place, and came home this morning to a smoky atmosphere, and near empty (of people) suburb. Quite eerie really. Now it's fingers crossed that they put it out before Friday, as it's going to be a warm day with strong winds, which would not be good news for the CFA, and possibly our suburbs. But we are all safe now.

House : The 2nd floor of framing is up, and this weekend a large part of the existing house is being dismantled. Scary stuff! I've still got a whole heap of packing to do, as we'll be doing the minimal thing for a few weeks. Will share photos of the current stage of the house building soon.

Kids : Are good. Lana is settling into school well. We've been enjoying our walks to and from, although Jude seems to complain of 'sore legs' earlier and earlier with each walk :-P lol...yet he can manage to play on the playground for over an hour without any soreness at all..he's a funny kid. Jude has a bit of a cold but hopefully we can have a quiet-ish day tomorrow and he can get some rest.

So that abouts sums me up at the moment :-)

Take care and stay safe.
K xx

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Made It Myself :-P

I did it - I finally got around to putting together this dress for Alannah. I have had it cut out for ages, but then lost my power cord to my sewing machine, so had to order a new one, and then I wasn't in the mood to sew and I'm sure lots of other reasons/ anyhow, it's very first dress!

Lana loves it, which is the main thing, and I'm not traumatised from the making of it (sewing can get me stressed..he he) which is also a good thing. Not sure what's next - a softie or skirt for Lana..?? Hmm, don't know.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mini Album - Precious Alexandra

Here's the mini album I made of my niece, for my bro-in-law & sis-in-law. I mainly used Basic Grey's Urban Prairie range (still love it!) and based it on one of the Scenic Route Tabbed Albums. Pretty happy with how it turned out and Derek & Michelle loved it!

Today has been a pretty easy day. It started off with smoke-filled skies but that has mostly cleared now. Then off to do the food shop and get a tyre puncture repair ...exciting, I know ;-P
For the last half hour I've been helping Roh with re-designing the layout of our ensuite & family bathrooms. The family bathroom design on the plans has never sat well with me, so it felt good to draw out the re-design, which Roh is now setting out, and doing the framing for - woo hoo! More action on the home it!
Ok, it's time for me to get off this computer. I have a half sewn dress on the go which I would love to finish today (for Lana). Will share if it turns out

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jude's First Day at Kinder

I know this is a week late but here are some photos of Jude ready for his first day of 3 year old kinder...

So Sad...

Since my last blog post, the most horrific fires have swept through huge areas of Victoria, destroying nature, wildlife, homes and taking many lives. I have no words to describe exactly how absolutely despaired I am for these poor families living through this terrible time.

It's been heart-warming to see how the community has banded together, how australians have given whatever they can, however they can to help in any way possible. It's inspiring to hear the brave stories of fire-fighters and everyday heroes who have helped, and are still out helping fight the fires, comforting and feeding those who have lost loved ones and their homes. It's heart-wrenching to see where little suburbs used to be, now just blackened roads and trees.

It's also been an eye-opener. It can happen to anyone, so please prepare your fire plans or emergency escape routes. Hopefully we'll never have to put it to practice but really, after something so tragic has occured, it should wake us all up to realise that nobody is immune from these disasters.

For now, I hope to donate what I can to help these families get back on their feet. Nothing will ever wipe out their memories and physical losses but we can help them feel at home once again..soon, I hope.

DQ has listed a few ways in which to donate on her blog, as well as Janet from The Scrapbook Scene in Burwood, Vic is holding a fundraising crop day in March for the Bushfire Appeal.

Here are the details :

The Scrapbook Scene is pleased to announce that we are holding a
Crop for Bushfire Relief
with all proceeds going to the
Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal.
Saturday March 28th
Burwood Heights Uniting Church
Cnr Burwood Hwy and Blackburn Rd
East Burwood
10.00am -11.00pm
Lunch and Dinner included
$45 per person
Bring all your scrapping gear and join us for a fabulous day with raffles and giveaways
Bookings are essential
Please phone The Scrapbook Scene on 9017 4133 to book your place and help us raise some much needed funds for those affected by the bushfires.
If you are unable to join us on this day, please call in to the shop and place a donation in the collection box.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Project or Two..

I finally accomplished some scrapping this week. Above is a Making Memories 6" x 9" D-ring Album that I have scrapped - it's our home reno album. I used mainly October Afternoon's 'Weathervane' range, which is really cute.

This layout is for one of the monthly challenges over at Scrap Boutique. Janine Kaye took this photo of me in Sydney and is one of my fav photos at the moment - love it - thanks Janine! The challenge was to do a layout about something you like/love about yourself, be it a physical thing or a persoanlity trait. I went with personality trait :-P
I've also started two mini albums - one for my trip to Sydney, and the other of our niece Alexandra who is 1 and absolutely adorable. I'm hoping to finish the one of Alexandra tonight, as they are visiting tomorrow and I would love to give it to them. Fingers crossed I get into it tonight..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Little School Girl

Alannah had her first day of school yesterday, and she looked so cute, but so tall compared to most of the other preppies. It was a very exciting day for her and she loves it so far.

Jude decided he needed a packed lunch, school bag and hat too....funny boy!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Beautiful San Remo

We have had a fantastic weekend. We were invited down to stay with friends in San Remo early yesterday, so headed that way at lunch time and it is such a beautiful place. Here are some pics from our weekend :

Roh & Lana cuddling up in the hammock :

Jude in the sand :

Last night's sunset - view from the house we were staying at :

The San Remo Pelicans :

The 4 kids were fascinated with the pelicans :

Jacqui, Lana and Chris walking on the pier :

We got back in Melbourne late this afternoon, and what a difference in temperature - my goodness. Wish we were back at the beach :-P

Exciting day tomorrow though - Lana starts school. Will post 'first day' photos soon.