Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brief Update

Just a quick update :

Laptop hard-drive has died, so have had no home pc for about 4 weeks. This last week I've been able to use my work laptop, which has been awesome. So apologies for the long absence.

Merimbula was a nice break. Roh caught fish, played golf and we all swam, beached and just hung out. Poor Aunty Reeze even sat through all 3 High School Musical movies!

House is moving along. Have been doing a lot of painting, the floorboards have been polished, the oven is in and the kids rooms will hopefully be painted and carpeted before Xmas. Have a few photos to share when I can.

Will be back soon


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Old Bathroom Be Gone!

One of the biggest projects on our to-do list this weekend, was to completely gut the exisitng bathroom/laundry. With Roh's Dads help, they managed to get it completely gutted within the day, all ready for the electrician to put in the new wires and box on Monday.

Here's a peek at what went on...

More updates coming very soon!

Lego Love

Jude's latest thing is building spaceships, and giving them to me and Roh. Here are a couple of his ship is the one with the flowers :-P

Two Wheelin'

Lana finally got her confidence up last week, to ask her Daddy to take off her training wheels. It only took a few goes with Daddy helping before she was off on her own.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Creative Crochet

I am quite new at this whole crochet thing, but I feel I've got the granny square sorted now, which is great. And maybe it's time for me to challenge myself a bit. Recently I've been coming across some absolutely wonderful crochet designs and patterns that I can't wait to try. Some very cute, some super creative and some just plain fantastic.

Time to share :

First up, my darling friend Cass bought me this seriously funky book, which I only problem being - what pattern should I try first?? :-P
Star Wars - Heroes of the Rebellion - how awesome :-P
Melvin the Snail - adorable :-)
Fishbones - How odd and so cute.

I came across this darling Miss Strawberry on Mel Goodsell's blog, made by Salihan Crafts and just had to get the pattern. I'm picturing it in hot pink, with an aqua flower, and pea green leaves - perfect for a certain little girl's new bedroom. I really want to give this one a try when we are in Merimbula, in a couple of weeks. Plus I'll have on hand, my super talented sis-n-law Reeze to help, if I get stuck :-P

Babette blankets - love them! Images taken from here, here and here.

Happy Sunday!