Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frittata Goodness

Basic Frittata Mix :
6 eggs
1/2 cup cream
1/3 cup parmesan (or works just as well with colby)
2 cloves crushed garlic

Filling :
Potato (roasted)

How to :

Prepare filling ingredients (roast potatoes, slice mushrooms & tomatoes).
Add potato, mushrooms & bacon to an oiled (olive) oven-proof frypan and cook.
Combine all frittata mix ingredients in a separate bowl/jug and whisk all together.
Add frittata mix to the other ingredients in the frypan, and heat on medium until almost set.
Lay tomato slices and basil leaves on the top and finish off under the grill, until golden.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So, everything seemed to be going smoothly with our Saturday plans. The skip bin was being filled, food shopping was completed and the fire was going, burning off leftover bits of timber from our building work....until Roh needed to move his car, and his keys were nowhere to be found...the next hour or so consisted of frantic searching but to no avail.

Well, he found them Sunday morning, among the ashes of the fire...not looking too good or very useful, but at least he found them!

So other than the key distraction, the day went along fine. The kids had fun toasting marshmallows on the fire, although Jude declared he didn't like them getting my mind, that's the best bit...but each to his

We enjoyed yummy baked potatoes for dinner layered with all the good stuff - bolognaise sauce, coleslaw, bacon, mushrooms, cheese, butter and sour cream - awesome & so tasty! I just love the wintery goodness of a fire cook-up.

Will be back tomorrow with a yummy recipe that's becoming a fast favourite in our house.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Autumn Baby

So these are a few of my shots. They came out ok but to see some really beautiful photos, my talented sis DQ has uploaded a few of Levi and with her fantastic eye and magic touch they have turned out fantastically....of course! Thanks Dan xx

Thursday, May 20, 2010

6 Weeks

Time is flying by..can't believe Levi is 6 weeks already.

Here's where he's at :
* has started smiling and cooing
* is gaining weight and becoming quite a chub (gained 930g in 2 weeks!)
* loves bathtime
* has a strong neck and is constantly lifting his head to look around
* feeds well
* usually wakes 2-3 times a night
* is moving into 000 clothes
* has the snuffles at the moment

As for the rest of us, poor Jude has had a bout of Croup and a virus-cold thingy so was kept home from kinder this week, Lana has the snuffles too but feels fine so has been going to school. Roh and I are plodding along with work and life, a little sleep-deprived this week, but nothing we can't handle. We are starting to feel back on top of things now, so are starting back up with working on the house to get it finished - yay!

It starts with a big clean up this weekend - we have a skip bin coming tomorrow, and it will be lovely to have our courtyard and driveway free of building material waste. And I'll even be able to access the front garden which is in dire need of a weed and prune. The Orange Mexican Blossoms have just gone nuts!

We might even have a fire outside with coal-cooked baked potatoes for that would be nice!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cute Recipe Storage

So, as with any major renovation/building jobs, it's the little things that get left behind. Somehow painting, tiling, carpeting, fitting off, plumbing, lighting, etc is seen as more important than, say, recipe organisation or craft supply storage :-P....
ok, well I suppose it is..he he...
but I am really looking forward to sorting and organising cute storage options for our belongings.

I'm starting with this...
My lovely sis-in-law & bro-in-law got us this funky Kikki K Recipe Box for our wedding anniversary last year, and I just love it!
I'm slowly going through my recipe folders (you know the ones with loose pages that have been ripped out of magazines, never to be looked at again..) and writing all those favourite, easy and essential recipes onto these cards.

Such a cute way to store recipes, don't you think?

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Creative Space..

So I'm a little late with my space this week, my first week back since having Levi but I was determined to take part as I have got a couple of projects on the go.

I've been playing around with my crochet, and have started making flowers..I think they could become addictive! I have an idea in my head using these crocheted things, but will have to see whether the real thing lives up to the image in my head..

And I finally got my sewing machine out again. I have multiple projects cut out and ready to go, so I really need to get this machine pumping :-P

With this cold and rainy weather in Melbourne, it does make it a bit easier to stay inside, keeping warm and crafting/creating in various ways.

Head over to Kirsty's blog to check out more creative spaces...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Art

I just love watching my kids draw, and the resulting pics. Here are a couple of recent favourites - one from Alannah and one from cute....

Clouds with smilie faces and love heart dresses...what more could a girl wish for :-)

And a recent family picture by Jude...this one's definitely a keeper...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Levi's Corner

So this is Levi's little corner in our room. I finally put up the bunting today, and I must say, I quite like it....although I think it does need something on the green wall/right corner, just above the cot rail...maybe his name or a wall decal of some sort - what do you think?

These chest of drawers I re-vamped with some padding and complementing fabrics. My Dad put the handles back on the drawers for needed a bit more elbow grease due to the padding :-P....Thanks Dad!!

And I made the bunting up in co-ordinating fabrics with the drawers (some the same, some new fabrics mixed in)

And finally the top of the drawers - I've popped my Wicket (An Ewok from Star Wars) on there along with a print from Sweet William that I love and purchased from one of last years Magnolia Square Markets, a rattle from Uncle Derek & Aunty Michelle and an essential - the baby monitor :-)

So I think if I just get that right hand corner sorted out, then I'll be happy!

Fabulous Felt

With a house of sickies over the last week, we've had a lot of inside time. And with inside time, comes time for creating - yay!

Here are a couple of felt projects made over the last week....

First up is a quick purse that I made for my sister Hayley as a temporary measure (she had her car broken into and her purse & bag stolen)...I think it turned out cute, and it fits her cash in it, which is most important, of course :-P

Then I made this little lion from the Nelly Pailloux book 'Felties' - it's for my nephew Caden, so I'll post it off this week, I hope...

And this is Pirate Mouse from the same craft book as the lion. This was a joint project with Alannah, for her cousin (my nephew) Ash who is completely pirate obsessed.

So there we have some fun felt projects, all quite quick to do too and quite easy (mostly) for little fingers.

Will be back soon with some pics of Levi's little corner with the revamped chest of drawers and bunting.