Monday, March 21, 2011

So Lovely...

Last week I received a most lovely 'Stylish Blogger' award from Wendy of The Textured Leaf...I was quite surprised to see my name listed there among some wonderful, inspirational ladies, it really quite made my day.

Thanks Wendy! xx

Now, the trick to these awards is to not only pass this award on to 5 inspiring bloggers, but to also reveal 7 things about yourself....always a bit tricky, is this :-P

Ok, so first up....bloggers who inspire me :

Artsy Ants - a blog run by two sisters, Sylvia and Simona, both equally inspiring in the things they create.

Naturally Dyed - my lovely friend Jude creates beautiful artwork with hand-dyed silks. Her blog is still super new, but will inspire those who are lovers of natural colours within this unique art form.

You Had Me At Bonjour - An Aussie crafter living in the South of France with her family of five, and another bub on the way. Kirsty takes some beautiful photos (lots of travel envy here :-P), makes lovely things and writes wonderfully.

Little Suitcase - Toni always has something interesting to say, and takes lovely photos, oh and also seems to pick up the most fabulous thrifty outfits...she has the knack

MissyMuh - Mend and Make Do - Clair is a crafty all-rounder, a beautiful photographer and has a most lovely blog.

Now onto the 7 things about me....hmmm...what to write, what to write...

1 - When I was a teenager, I went through the whole teenage angst of trying to be different, and started spelling my name Kelleigh (you see, I went to school with 3 other Kellys)...I think it lasted a whole week or two, before I got over it.

2 - I was a closet Jeremy Jordan fan (obviously not in the closet anymore hey!?). It's this kind of cheesy pop that makes me smile.

3 - But normally I have a much more grown-up taste in music - Angus & Julia Stone, Florence & The Machine, Lisa Mitchell, Paul Dempsey, Jamie Cullum, Clare Bowditch, Sarah Blasko, Newton Faulkner, Pearl Jam, Radiohead. Truly I do....
we'll just ignore those cliche 90's ballads sitting in the CD rack, won't we? he he

4 - My husband and I really struggled naming our littlies. If I had my way, instead of Alannah, Jude and Levi, we would of had Charlize, London and Dempsey. Roh would of had Charlotte, Bowie and Will. Not that we don't love our kids names, we do, it just shows what changes compromise can bring....our compromise being scratch all those names and start again :-P

Man, this is hard..

5 - I love to bake, but struggle with the concept when I'm on a diet. I can only be so strong, and the smell of freshly baked goodies is just not a fair fight!

6 - I'm a decaf, skinny latte with a shot of vanilla kind of girl

7 - I love's highly addictive, super inspiring, definitely time-sucking and hopefully, a little bit useful. I love it.

If you've made it this far, well done you!

So, there you have it - some new blogs to check out, maybe, and a few things about me that you probably didn't wonder about, but I shared anyway.

Thanks for visiting xx


  1. You posted such an interesting lot of things, (I think we have the same tatse in music, not the old stuff, the new) and I must admit you explained the 'rules' alot more precisely than I did, and grateful you clarified them for others!

    I didnt know you could get a shot of vanilla in your latte!!! Might have to try that one day soon, x

  2. this was fun to read :)
    and thanks for mentioning artsy ants, both of us are inspired by you, too.


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