Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Creative Space : Market Prep

This weekend I have a stall at our local primary school market day (will post all details later for any local Melbourne people who might like to come!), so this week I have been madly making to have a nice variety of things to offer.

I have bows for hair clips and maybe some headbands too...

My lovely friend Nadya came over last night and helped stitch and felt these bows, and helped keep me focused on getting things done - it was wonderful, and so productive - thanks sweetness xx

Here are some fabric roses, also for headbands...

I've also decided to branch out a little into kids clothes. So this is my first batch of girls skirts, varying in sizes 1 to 6 (so far) and each one unique in it's fabric choices and final look...

And yesterday, my hat display wire thingy arrived, so just quickly tried it out with one of my indie-style slouchie beanies...definitely a worthwhile purchase, I think :-)

So that's me this week. And I promise to have a few more blog posts in the coming's been a little quiet, I know.

And with all the talented people out there, I'm sure you will find some great inspiration over at Kirsty's Creative Space blog hop, so why not grab a coffee and have a browse?



  1. Oh my I love that slouch beanie! How much?

  2. ooowww the fabric you have used for the girls skirts look lovely! Fab applique too :)

  3. Thanks Dannii - I'll be selling them for $15

  4. I had lots of fun drinking your coffee, your company and being part of something so positive and great. And those skirts you have made are so beautiful and so well made....a great buy!

    xox Nadya

  5. You have been busy! :) Everything looks so good - I'm sure you'll do well at the markets. Love your beanie.

  6. Ok cool! Will you be uploading to your made it store? Or should I just email my order to you? I can pick up over the next few days.

  7. The hat display looks great! I love the girl's skirts, very pretty. Good luck at the markets, hope you sell heaps :)


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