Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Shower Mini Album - for Reeze :-)

I finally finished the mini album I was making for Reeze, of her baby shower last November. As Bodie is turning 1 tomorrow, I really thought I should get this finished - oops! I hadn't meant it to take this long!

So here it is :At the baby shower, we asked everyone to write down little tips or advice on parenting for Reeze and Nathan, so I have included all of those into this ...

Friday, December 26, 2008

House Progress - 24th - 26th December 2008

It's really starting to look like a room now. Here's the run-down over the last couple of days...

24th December 2008 : First wall frame was made and put into place.

Here's Roh and his dad making up the first part of the back wall :

Second frame put in place. This is the first part of the back wall (rumpus room).

Two cheeky little monkeys spying on their dad and pa from the living area windows.

Third wall frame on it's way.

26th December 2008 : Fourth wall frame placed in position. All four frames up.

Lana and Jude outside, watching the action.

All walls braced. First floor timber sitting on timber frame, not in the right spots, but ready to be maneouvred (is that the right spelling?? lol)

Sorry this is all quite factual, but I really want this as a record of happenings, as much as to share the photos and progress with my interstate family & friends, who all know how long we have been waiting for this. Roh's really happy with how things are travelling, and so far, nothing too dramatic has gone wrong, so fingers crossed it continues that way.

Um, what else have we been up to? Took the kids to see Madagascar 2 yesterday - so hilarious! We all loved it. I've been scrapping - finally got one of my half finished projects completed - yay! Will share very soon. Still have about 6 other unfinished projects to get through, but oh well, all good.
Took myself off to the Myer stocktake sale early, EARLY (7.30am) this morning just to see if I could get Jude a new suit for a good price, and I am happy to say that I succeeded - woo hoo! The suit jacket was $30 off, while the pants had $19 discounted from the full price, so I was very happy indeed :-)

Ok, I think that about does me for today...sorry for the randomness of my post. Hope everyone is well and safe!

Hugs, K xx

Sunday, December 21, 2008

House Progress - 19th-21st December 2008

Ok, so I'm back with some more house shots. Can't believe how much has happened in one week!

19th December 2008 : Rohan and his dad, Dennis, started bright and early putting the hy-joists into the sub-floor frame. The inspector came around just before midday and gave us the go-ahead to keep on building - yay!

19th December 2008 : About 5pm - all done!

20th December 2008 : Saturday afternoon Roh and his Dad continue working. This time attaching the floor sheets to the sub-floor. In this pic, Roh is attaching some brackets to the frame.

View from back of house :

21st December 2008 : Roh, with some help from Ben, finishes off the flooring. Woo hoo! Our rumpus room has a floor!!

This is the view from the rumpus room - tree tops. So serene and beautiful.

And here's Roh sitting on the new floor. It's a beautiful day here - a little bright for photos :-P

So far things are progressing well with the house, although it will probably slow down this week due to other commitments. Everyone here is very happy that things are finally happening though.

I have scrapped some more, and have nearly finished another layout that I can share. Will be back tomorrow, maybe ..he he.

Take care.
K xx

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Layouts X 2

Ok, so not a very original title - sorry - brain isn't feeling expressive :-P

This first layout I finished off last week, playing with the new October Afternoon range, Night Light, which is so adorable and perfect, I think, for little boy layouts with little quirky monsters - so cute! This image isn't great - I scanned when I think I should've photographed - but oh well. The colours do work well, although this image doesn't really sell that point...lol...Photos were taken by DQ in October.

On Tuesday I went to the Heidi Swapp Create 08 workshop in Melbourne, and it was fantastic! Heidi is a very inspirational woman, whose honest and friendly demeanour made her so easy to like, and easy to learn from too. She is definitely one talented lady. Anyhow, I digress...the day was full on, as in 'don't scratch that itch or you will get behind', seriously it was that crazy busy all through-out the day BUT we did learn so much. My head has been full of ideas ever since and last night I sat down and played with my new distress inks (yup, new - I just had to get some, and because I have to have a good variety - I bought 6..he he) and masks. This is my first layout since the event, and my first solo attempt with the inks and masks. Another layout I probably should've photographed instead of scanned but again, oh well...lol...There is a little bit of bling on this layout which makes it look a bit better than this, but I am happy with my first attempt. I think there will probably be a few layouts like this coming up in the next few weeks - I already have another one planned in my head - so be warned...lol!!

Will update tomorrow with more house progress - yes, can you believe it?? MORE house progress. The ground floor (which will be the rumpus/family/guest room) has almost got the flooring down - woo hoo!!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

K x

Friday, December 19, 2008

House Progress - 12th - 18th Dec 2008

This has been one crazy week, what with the Heidi Swapp Workshop, Cassie staying (yay!) and the house finally starting underway - it has all been a little chaotic, to say the least.

Anyhow, this is just going to be a house update, for those who are curious, and especially for my interstate family to see. Woo hoo - it's all happening now!!

12th Dec 2008 : Plans pinned up on wall. Our constant reminder of our end goal.

14th December 2008 : Nathan removing the old stumps from previous owners attempt at an illegal extension & prepping the site for Earthlift.

14th December 2008 : Site finished by Nathan & Roh, all ready for Earthlift on Tuesday.

16th December 2008 : Tait Timber delivery of our timber using a crane truck. Timber is now sitting in our driveway :-P

16th December 2008 : Earthlift drilling in our screw pile stumps. Were suppose to go down 6 metres, as detailed in our geotech engineer's report, but they hit rock about 3-4 metres down, so for each stump they went in just as far as they could, after approval from our engineers and council reps.

16th December 2008 : Earthlift removing the dirt ramp, which they used to access the top 4 stump sites, and clearing for the remainder of the stumps to go in.

17th December 2008 : James, from Close Quarter Earthmoving, came in with his excavator to remove a lot of excess fill and prep the site for levelling & for the sub-floor to go down.

17th December 2008 : Site cleared and ready for Earthlift to come back and cut the screw piles to the right height and add braces.

18th December 2008 : Earthlift cut screw piles and weld on steel braces. Site ready for sub-floor.

18th December 2008 : Rohan and Clayton prep the existing house for the new sub-floor to be installed.
18th December 2008 : Rohan and Clayton bracing the existing house.

18th December 2008 : First piece of sub-floor timber layed.

As I type, Rohan and his dad are building the sub-floor. The inspector has been by and approved it, so now we are good to go with the flooring, framing, first floor sub-floor, first floor framing and more. Will be back with more photos as things progress. So exciting!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

House Ideas - take 1

With the house extension/renovation finally starting next week, I've started a book of ideas for each of the rooms and areas, with paint swatches, furniture ideas, etc. Here are a few that I've finished...

Living Area/Foyer Ideas :
Alannah's bedroom :
I actually have already bought this bedding set with cushions, because I loved it so much. It's just so pretty. I also have the quilted throw that matches, which brings in a bit more green which looks fab with it.

Family Bathroom Ideas :
I have more pages on the go, and will share when I remember. I love interior design/decorating and cant wait to be able to live it out in my own home. It's been a long time coming and I am so excited about the next year. Paint samples, fabrics, wall treatments...ahhh, heaven :-P

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lana - kinder days

Here's a few photos of Lana from kinder. I do have some really cute ones of Lana with her friends but it's probably not wise to put other people's kids up onto my blog without their say so, so I won't :-)

She's getting so big now and is so excited about school.
And here's one of Jude on the kinder's pirate ship slide, just for fun ...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busy Days Ahead..

Finally, we have a date for the beginning of our building adventure - Tuesday 16th December - woo hoo!! On this day, the big machine comes and screws in our steel stumps and our frame is delivered. Roh is planning on building flat out over the Xmas break to get it to first floor stage by early January. I can't believe things are finally starting!

Also on that day, myself, Dan and my dear friend Cass, from SA, are all heading to the Heidi Swapp Creative Escape and that too is something that I am so excited about. Looking forward to a fun girls day out. And Janine is coming down for it as well, so can't wait to catch up with her too :-) Should be a great day of fun!

The new Scrapbook Creations is out, and Dan's got the cover and it looks fantastic! I'm so excited for her. Also out is the latest For Keeps with Vita's cover - more great projects from Vita are shared with the how-to instructions in the mag too. Awesome hey? I've got two layouts in the latest FK's - one double layout for the ET project, which is my last ET project and the other is a Printblocks advertorial using K&Company products. Here's my double layout - celebrating Roh and I having been together for 10 years which is one third of my life..crazy...:-)

Took some photos of Alannah at kindy today, so will be back with those when I've had a chance to look at them. She has her end of year kinder concert tonight too, so she's pretty excited about that. Not long now and she'll be off to school...eek!

Take care xx