Friday, April 27, 2007


Ok, so I have been tagged by two people this week - Charmane and Danielle - so here goes....

7 random facts about me :

1 - I love reference & idea books - I have quite a large collection of Interior Design/Decorating, Colour Matching, Home Projects, Parenting, Scrapbooking and Cooking books, all that sit in my bookshelf to look nice :-P. I do pull them out to read sometimes LOL

2 - I am a nervous flyer. You wouldn't be able to tell that by looking at me while flying but inwardly my stomach is twisting in knots and my head is talking lots of nonsense that freaks me out. I'm my own worst enemy!

3 - I met my hubby when I was 16 but he dated one of my friends! We didn't get together until I was 19.

4 - My CD collection is a bizarre mix of genres - Pop (Jeremy Jordan -ok, yes, I admit it LOL, No Doubt), dance (Moby, Dee-Lite), folk/blues (John Butler Trio, The Waifs), rock (Live, Lenny Kravtiz), jazz (Harry Connick Jnr, Jamie Cullum), alternative rock (Stone Temple Pilots, Something for Kate), easy listening (Michael Buble, Kate Cebrano) and maybe an R&B title in there somewhere too. And a few of my current favs are Pete Murray, Missy Higgins and The Killers.

5 - I once had my foot run over by a car tyre. And I still have a scar on my ankle from the burn I got.

6 - My husband and I had a different name picked out for our daughter Alannah, but because we couldn't completely agree, we scrapped it and started with a fresh name. I wanted "Charlize" and Roh wanted "Charlotte" both so we could call her "Charli" for short, and the middle name was going to be "Arwen". I still love that name, but I love "Alannah Juliet" too :-)

7 - I LOVE Tasmania, especially Hobart. If it wasn't for family and work, Roh and I would move there. We went there on our honeymoon, and again two years later, and we just love, LOVE, love it!

Well, that was tricky, and I hope not too boring for you LOL!

Off to Kiwiscraps tomorrow morning - can't wait. Today though, Roh and I are off to Adam and Cath's wedding in Williamstown (my boss & friend). Should be a fantastic day - hope the rain stays away though. Gonna take lots of photos.

Have a good one xx

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Only 4 more sleeps!

I am so excited. It's only 4 more sleeps until I fly into Sydney and start my classes at Kiwiscraps Freestyling - yay!! And you wouldn't believe it, but I've caught a cold off of Jude. Completely typical LOL. Always when you have something to look forward to. Oh well, hopefully it will be mostly gone by the weekend. But yay! Can't wait to meet some new lovely ladies IRL. It's going to be so much fun. Plus to see Mum & Dad, and Nanna and Grandad on Monday in Sydney for lunch - it will seem a little unreal seeing they are all from South Australia.

Oh, we've also had some exciting news on the family front - Rohan's brother and his wife are expecting their very first bubba in November - how fun - a new niece or nephew for me and Roh and a new cousin and playmate for Alannah and Jude.

Not much else to report. I have done a little scrapping but it's for the Scrap Creations Colour comp so can't really share - sorry! I'm hoping to do a little, possibly, tomorrow - between doing a couple of BAS statements, packing, cleaning and caring for kids that is :-P

Off to make dinner!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Week 15 - My Parents

Well, really, this subject was pretty easy for me because I have absolutely fantastic parents....and I know how lucky I am too. And fortunately Danielle had taken a few photos of them when they were over a couple of weeks this is a very recent photo. Aren't they gorgeous?? So cute :-)

I had a very happy childhood - and it wasn't always easy for my parents either. And I think I appreciate that so much more now that I am a parent myself.

But as my card says, my parents are ever encouraging, ever supportive, fun to hang out with, they always have open hearts, arms and their house is always open to us for visits, or even longer stays. And of course, they are extremely loving and generous. **Hi Mum & Dad - Love you both lots xx**

For these cards I used : Doodlebug Paper Frill (white - on the bottom edge so you can't actually see it in these images :-P), Urban Lily Rub-on, CherryArte Cosmic Energy Die Cut Tag and Heidi Swapp Flower Centre.

Thanks for visiting!

Books for Sale & Kiti Q Giveaway

Ok, I've been doing a bit of a clean out of my idea books, and I've decided to part with these two. Sad, I know, but I have way too many books, and I don't get a chance to look at them very often. So, any scrappers out there interested ? (Australia Only Please). The first one is the second book by Cathy Zielske "Clean & Simple Scrapbooking - The Sequel". It's in brand new condition - I think I've flicked through it maybe twice. Great book though, especially if you are a fan of the simple & clean style. This one is $30 plus postage. The other book is "Step Up Your Scrapbooking" by Lisa Brown Caveney - this is a Creating Keepsakes book in great condition. There is a very small tear on the spine but barely noticeable. This book takes you through creating pages with 2, 3, 4 and more supplies and is very useful to have. I'm only asking $20 plus postage for this one (A4 sized book with 160 pages - it's a bargain really! :-P). If you are interested in either of these, please email me at

Also, I've decided to give away a copy of the current issue of For Keeps Creative Scrapbooking with the very next Kiti Q order - Issue 53. So maybe it's time to go for a shop - plenty of new stock in store - LOL :-)

Enjoy your Thursday! xx

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cute boy..

Yep, my nephew Caden is officially very adorable and cute. Hayley sent some photos through today, and here are a couple of my fav's. Isn't he just yummy? Look at those chubba cheeks. I just found out he's coming to visit in July - yay - I'll get lots of cuddles.

Umm, so what else has been happening. Oh, Saturday we had a great day at the Scrap'n'Chat with Danielle, Bon, Charmane, Reeze, Kate and lots of other lovely ladies. Fab day - can't wait for the next one but no date set yet.

I also got another layout picked up by For Keeps - "My man...He's a Collector" will be appearing in Issue 57, so that was exciting. Lots of new stock has been uploaded to Kiti Q in the past week - My Mind's Eye Magnolia, CherryArte Cosmic Energy, Doodlebug Paper frills, Heidi Swapp masks and the much awaited mini album class kit by Danielle Q - "Oh Boy". Hopefully soon, there will also be a girl themed mini album too. I'm working on it :-P

I received my layout today from Liz Weber, for the photo swap at Crafting in Style and it is just beautiful. I also got a lovely little surprise too, with a Maya Road tin, some acetate frosted flowers and some other blossoms. Such a fantastic little pressie - thanks so much Liz - mwah! Made my day.

Have a fun week!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Week 14 - Birds

Well, I'm still a couple behind but here is this week's mini art journal card. I used the prompt of bird to find a quote that I love..and then used a fabulous rub-on by Urban Lily and a funky little ceramic heart by Crafty Matters. Oh, and the background patterned paper is a KI Memories paper.

Had a couple of exciting things happen today. First of all, I got my confirmation letter and schedule from Kiwiscraps Freestyle Downunder - just two weeks to go - woo hoo!! Can't wait! Just got to get a few photos and supplies organised and then I'm all set to scrap the weekend away. Also got an email from For Keeps today - they want to publish my layout "Bobots & Melmo" which is one of my current favourites so I'm so happy. It will be in Issue 56 in the Boys gallery.

Here is the layout I did for Karen Day, for the photo swap through Crafting in Style. Yes, it does look unfinished, because I actually left a blank area for Karen to fill in with her own journaling, which to me, made sense. I have finished the layout for Liz too, but I like to wait until they have it in their hands before sharing it. Wont be too long though.

Tonight is the 1,2,3 Blog's cybercrop so I'm off to chat there in a minute. Also tomorrow is the long awaited Scrap'n'Chat with Bon's Scraps, Kiti Q and Charmane Koch (1,2,3 Blog). I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully it will just be some lovely ladies, chilling, scrapping and having some creative fun. Oh, and the latest Scrapbook Creations is just filled with excellence...including 4 layouts by my fabulously talented sister Danielle and Charmane is the Artist in the Spotlight - definitely a good read :-)

Have a great weekend, and happy scrapping! Hugs, K xx

Monday, April 9, 2007

A Day in the Forest

It was a beautiful day today - the sun was shining, and Roh was home, so we all went on a family BBQ at Sherbrooke Falls - such a wonderful place. We are so lucky to live so close to these amazing forests. Here are a few happy snaps from today....My cheeky little boy Jude, who has come down with a horrid cold - poor thing...then there is Reeze and Alannah - they share such a special friendship those is Rohan & Alannah, and then there is Teresa and me! Also I actually did a little creating this weekend. I finally got a chance to sit down and play with the Star Wars/Transformers layout I wanted to do for my hubby. And it just happened to also fit a cyber-crop challenge over at Scrap Therapy. It turned out how I saw it in my head, which is fab, cos not all ideas do.

I also finished my second photo swap layout for Liz, which I hopefully will share once Liz has the layout in her hands. I'm really happy with the layout I did for Liz, it was so bright and funky - hot pink & orange - just love it! :-)

Other than scrapping and family time, I've been working on Kiti Q with lots of new stock being ordered, and class kits to be designed. So keep your eyes on the site - lots will be happening in the next few weeks...

Hugs, K xx

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Catching Up

First up, Crop for Kids was a hugely successful and fun day. I loved it! Caught up with some great online friends, and met some new lovely and interesting people too. Will share some photos soon (when I pinch some off of Dan ;-)) And I just love getting to see some of these very talented scrappers create in real life.

I picked up the latest Scrapbooking Memories magazine yesterday and was surprised to see my layout entitled "Sound Of Your Heart" in there. Why surprised, you might ask? Well, I haven't actually signed any contract with them or anything. It's all ok though. I've heard of this happening before, so I've emailled Krys and I'm sure she'll fix it all up. Also Danielle has a layout in there, but the colour is all wrong - it looks like it is on a brown background but IRL it's a bright red! And IRL it looks so much funkier!! It's a real shame the colouring is so out.

I finally got in the Limited edition Rouge De Garance range "Trip to India" and it is really beautiful. Here are a couple of the papers. I LOVE all the detail! They are all available at Kiti Q now. I'm hoping to have a play with some of the papers myself today - fingers crossed. Haven't scrapped for over a week so am really itching to create now. Enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Only 1 more sleep...

until Crop for Kids. Yep, it's tomorrow and I'm quite excited. Not only will I get to hang out with Danielle, but also catch up with Charmane and Bon, and then meet some online friends for the first time. Also, it's for a great cause, so really there are absolutely no negatives about it - yay! Can't wait :-)

Had a couple of cool things happen this week. My "Forever Young" layout won at the Forever Always Cybercrop so I got to have a little shopping spree and also Scrapbook Creations picked up one of my layouts for Issue 45. So all in all, a good week, scrapbooking wise :-)

Hopefully I'll have some fab new photos to share tomorrow of me and some scrapping buddies. Have a great long weekend!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Umm..some layouts to share

Well, it's been a little while since I popped a layout on here (it feels like it's been awhile anyway) so here are a couple that I have done since Friday. "The Sweetness of Friendship" was for the 1,2,3 Blog's March cybercrop - the challenge being no cardstock, a quote and hearts. Love this photo of Sienna and Alannah - so adorable. I mainly used Urban Lily pp and Sassafras Lass Scrumptious Diecut trims - love that colour combo, it's one of my favs!

The other layout I finished last night, for the Forever Always cybercrop - this challenge was to use 'diva' or 'superstar' photos of you, use a song title for your title, and the song's lyrics as your journalling. So my journalling reads "Youth is like diamonds in the sun and diamonds are forever. I want to be forever young". That song just called out to me for this layout, cos when I took them (yes - they are self-portrait LOL) I was just having fun, I was home alone, and wearing these faddy, fashionable, HUGE sunglasses and I felt young. It was such a laugh! :-) The main products I used on this were the Bam Pop diecut frames, Basic Grey pp & rub-ons, Heidi Swapp alphabets & floral centres and the Delish Designs rub-ons.

I'm also involved in a photo swap with two lovely ladies - Karen Day and Liz Weber. Now, I've already finished and posted off Karen's layout to her, so once she receives it, I'll hopefully be able to pop it on here. And I'm part way through doing the layout for Liz - I hope you don't mind bright layouts Liz :-). Liz, the superwhiz, has already finished her layout for me and it is just so pretty - I love it and can't wait to see it in real life.

Other than scrapping, Roh and I cleaned up the front yard a bit yesterday and Roh finished off our water feature. I'll try to pop a piccie up next post but it is really cool and I love the sound of trickling water (and it's environmentally friendly - recycling it's water continually :-P). Hopefully if we get rain on and off over the next few days, we'll be able to pop some fresh lovely flowers into our garden. It needs a bit of colour, although the lavendar is starting to blossom again.

At the moment, the house is so quiet. All I can hear is my Bernard Fanning CD and the sound of the keyboard letters being hit. It's fantastic. Roh is off on a walk with his brother, and the kids are having a sleep-over with the ever popular Auntie Reeze and Uncle Nath. I've got many errands to run tomorrow, so it will be even quicker without the kids. I think they are coming home early arvo, so that will be great.

Oh, just a quick plug for all you Melbournites - this Friday, Good Friday, Crop for Kids is on (see blog link on sidebar). It's going to be a fantastic day, and is raising money for an even better cause - the Melbourne Royal Childrens Hospital, so if you haven't got anything planned, maybe contact the girls and buy a ticket. Would love to meet you there!

Ok, this has turned into quite a long post, so I'll sign off now. Enjoy your Sunday night!