Friday, November 28, 2008

Ebay Listings - Scrap Stuff

Ok, so I actually got something off of my to-do list done - woo hoo for me...hehe..

I have done a bit of a purge of my scrap stash so if anyone is interested, I have listed 4 major pizza boxes full of scrap stuff - boy, girl, love & friendship and family & holidays, as well as one packet of the Daisy D's Wonder Years Rub-ons. Could make great gifts :-)

Here's the Love & Friendship kit :

Did you see the Glimmer mist hidden among the goodies there? It's the beautiful 'Black Cherry' colour..hmm...nice :-)

Ok, next up is the Girl kit :

Next up is the Family & Holidays kit :

And last up for the kits is the Boy one :

And here is the Daisy D's Wonder Years Rub-ons :

Ok, wow, two posts in one day - I don't think I've ever done that

Take care xx's Friday

And we are having a home day. How I love and long for 'home' days, as they don't happen very often. But now the problem is - what to do? I have a list that is so long - sewing, scrapping, ironing, house stuff, ebay listing..hmmm...not while I procrastinate over the list, I thought I'd quickly do a blog post :-P

Here's a layout I started last weekend, at Reeze's place, and finished off on Monday. This is of my little sis Hayley, who lives in SA. Loved the top she is wearing in this photo and the retro colours - fabulous inspiration.

It's a real mix of Basic Grey Sultry, Ambrosia and Offbeat, as well as Daisy Bucket & Rhonna Farrer rub-ons, brads, a Love Elsie Chipboard frame and some KI Memories chipboard. I'm loving using up some of my older stash too.

This weekend should be busy with house stuff - Roh and his dad are suppose to be finishing off the access road for the big screw pile machine to get in on and it needs to be about 2.5 metres wide all the way, which was ok until it hit the corner of our house, so now some major retaining walls, and fill are going to be used to fix it. Fingers crossed we get the screw piles in before Xmas.

Have a fab weekend!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ok, so I didn't win :-(

And I am a bit disappointed, but who wouldn't be. And it doesn't mean that I am not absolutely thrilled for Chloe who did win the 2008 'So You Think You Can Scrap' Australia's Favourite Scrapper title - woo hoo - enjoy the slice chickie! It was a great comp and I got a whole heap of new layouts finished because of it, so it's all good really :-)

Onto a bit of good news, I have had two layouts picked up by Scrapbooking Memories today - my double layout grand final entry, and another layout of Rohan which hasn't even hit the blog yet - so that's cool - I'm happy about that.

Other news - Alannah has been allocated her first school class, which we found out about last night, while we went to the prep info session. She also got to pick her library bag and chair bag, so that's another couple of things off of the 'school to get' list, which is great.

Last week, Alannah's kinder had the AGM, which as I'm president, I had to run. In usual Kelly-style, I put my big foot in it when explaining about the responsibilites & legal liabilities that go along with being president of a kinder, and then surprise, wanted to take the job eventually two mums offered to share the role, so all is good. I hand all the stuff over to them tonight, and then I'll be free - woo hoo!!!

My sister DQ has posted an absolutely awesome photo of Ash, her son, on her blog, so go check it out if you're curious - I think it's just fantastic!

I have finished another layout off, of my other sister Hayley but I haven't sorted the image out yet, so I may be back later with that.

I'll just leave you with an image of my latest project - this is a cross-stitch that I picked up on ebay - so retro and funky - I love it!! (seller : Can't wait to get started on it, even though it's quite big and will take forever, but I've been feeling in the mood for some stitching lately, so this will fill that need....hehe

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My SYTYCS Grand Final Entries

Boy, did I feel the pressure this week! Even though the challenge was actually quite simple - one single and one double layout in your own style, I think that freedom made it maybe that's just me..:-P

Anyhow, here's my single. For something different, I made the grey car out of felt and turned the windscreen area into a journal spot :

Love this patterned paper here (the cars) by Glitz Designs - I picked up at Papercrafts from the shop Memories 2 Remember. The girls there are so lovely and have awesome customer service, from my experience.

Next is my double. This was actually my second attempt at a double layout. The first one is still in pieces in my scrap tote - it just wasn't working. So this morning I started fresh with new photos. Then with a mad dash down to The Scrapbook Scene and Janet and Sharon, I came back with a stack of Basic Grey Ambrosia to play with. I think they worked great with the autumn photos (click on it for a larger pic).

(Image removed - picked up for publication with SM)

They are now up in the gallery at Scraptacular and the nervous wait begins until tomorrow's announcement of the winner. I think voting starts 8.30pm tonight and goes for only 24 hours - eek! Can't wait to see Kirsty's and Chloe's entries :-)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh My Goodness..

I made it to the grand final round of So You Think You Can Scrap at Scraptacular - far out!!

Thank you to anyone who's voted for me - I'm still so surprised to have made it this far - so a big thanks for your support and comments. I've had a ball with this competition and my album is looking very full with all the layouts :-)

Thanks again!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Round 11 of SYTYCS

Can't believe I've made it this far, with the talent I'm sharing the comp with - it's just amazing. If anyone has voted for me throughout this competition - thank you so much!!

Here are my Round 11 layouts. I just made deadline with the Barbie one :-P

Got back from Adelaide at about 1am this morning, so am really feeling it now. Going to head off and veg in front of the tv now, I think.

Have a fab week! xx

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Broadband is back - woo hoo!!

Man oh man, I missed my broadband. Dial up is just soooo slow! Oh well, whinge over. It's back and all is good again.

So I have completed a few layouts in the last few weeks, and amazingly enough I have made it through to Round 11 of SYTYCS - crazy, I know and now the pressure is on. Here are my Round 10 entries :
This first layout was for the "Music to your ears" challenge. Inspiration had to be taken from a CD cover (or record cover, etc) and I used the album "Polyserena" by George for my inspiration. Secondly, the lyrics of a song had to be incorporated into it somewhere, somehow. I've used lyrics from the song "Black & Gold" by Sam Sparro, which is a fav at the moment on my ipod - very boppy and it definitely has a catchy tune :-P

The second challenge was called "Lift It" and for this we had to choose a layout by one of the Scraptac Design Team girls and scraplift it. I've scraplifted Dionne Molina's layout entitled "Sweet Traditions" which appeared in one of the last issues of For Keeps Creative Scrapbooking, I think...hmmm... Anyway, I flipped the photo placement and put my twist on it. I'm actually really happy with this one - I LOVE all the colour, and the funky BG range "Offbeat" was fun to play with. Thanks for the inspiration Dee!!

Next up are a couple of layouts based on the fabulous KI Memories Sheer Delights - sorry the images aren't fantastic but they are very tricky to photograph :-P..well, for me anyhow! These Sheer Delights are available over at Kiti Q for only $3.50 a sheet. Why not have a play? They also make great mini album covers as they are thicker and stronger than a transparency but with a lot of the same effect. Fun, fun!! Check out Dan's and/or Vita's blog for more inspiration using these sheers.

And lastly is just a layout I pulled together quickly with a really large photo that I've had sitting in my stash for ages, so decided it was time I actually scrapped it. I've used this layout to list all the different names we call our Lana Girl (including that one :-P he he). With a photo that big, keeping everything else really simple, I feel, is the best way to go.

That's it for scrapping for me over the last couple of weeks. I'm about to get off of this computer and get started on my Round 11 layouts - new fun challenges are up so I better get cracking as I head off the South Aust at the crack of dawn on Friday and don't get back to Monday arvo which is right near deadline..crazy pressure!!

Sydney Papercrafts was fantastic fun. Nikala and Janine were such a laugh to hang around with, and we had an awesome afternoon/evening in Darling Harbour. Will post some photos soon, although I didn't actually take many, having two photographers with me, I felt a little silly with my little snapshot camera next to the girls with their DSLR's and big lenses :-P lol...we had fun though.

Ok, I'm off to scrap.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Would Love to Update BUT...

I am currently on dial-up and everything takes forever to do. Have photos from Sydney and layouts to share. Am excited to be through to Round 10 of SYTYCS. Will update as soon as our broadband services return :-)