Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Place & Yours : Green

Jude's current favourite colouring book

Levi's corner in our room

Bathroom cosiness

 "One, Two, Three, Go!"

My very first school case, dentist & barbie stickers and all, now holding years of cards and letters

A very funky vase from Denmark

Basil on my kitchen windowsill

And I thought I'd struggle finding 'green' items in my home!

Joining in with Punky & Me.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Repurposed : Men's Jacket to Boy's Vest

My friend is getting married in a few weeks (yay! I love weddings), and she's asked for my help with a few things.

The first thing she did, was give me this op-shopped mens jacket, from which she was hoping to have a vest made for her 2 year old son, to wear at the wedding. It has a rustic/vintage/handmade theme running through the wedding & it's decor, so it made sense to thrift & repurpose something.

And of course, there was more than enough fabric for the project.  And the vintage buttons were from my friend's late nan's button stash, which is so very special.

I had actually never made a boy's vest before, so that was a new challenge for me. And now that I have made one, with success, I see a few more vests on my making horizon!

And even better than having met the new challenge - my friend absolutely loved it, it fit and her son loved it too. Couldn't ask for a better result!

Next wedding projects to finish are various buntings, and a tie for her little man. Fun, fun!


P.S - Joining in with another brand new blog link up over here..

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pin It? Make It! : Dying Glass Jars

Hello there!

Are you here to have a share, or just a peek, of what Pinterest has inspired some of us to do?

Welcome, either way :-)

With a party I was hosting on the weekend, and a whole lot of jars that I'd asked friends to collect, I really wanted to give this 'dying glass' thing a go. I pinned this which then lead me to a blog called 'Creative Little Daisy', where Autum shared the how-to tutorial.

I had a couple of 'oops' moments (my not-reading-the-instructions-properly fault, not the tutorial's), but the end product left me happy enough.

Although next time, baking the glass jars the right way up will definitely be the way to go.
Live and learn, hey? :-)

If you feel like joining in, please link up below, and I will pop by to see what everyone has been up to.  There is also a 'Pin It? Make It!' blog button up there on the left, if you feel like using it.

Happy pinning, my friends

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Creative Space : Bits & Bobs

Over the last week, things have been pretty hectic with interstate family staying, our anniversary party and just general holiday happenings, but I have still managed to finish up and make a few things - yay!

I started this "Girls Night Out" clutch, designed my 'Melly & Me' for the Daylesford Craft Experience, back in June. Last week, I finally finished it - embroidery, sewing and all..

I also threw together 3 fully lined library bags for my cousins kidlets, and one for my nephew (not shown)...

And finished off this hoodie for a sweet little owlet..

More creative spacers joining in, in the very first share for 2012, over here.

And pop back here tomorrow for the very first 'Pin It! Make It!' blog link up (all addicted pinners welcome!)


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Greatest Thing : Our Love

"The greatest thing you ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."  
Nat King Cole

10 years ago today, I married the most awesome man on a hot and blustery summer's day.
10 years ago today, we first danced as husband and wife to The Bee Gees "Run To You".
10 years ago today, we celebrated our love and commitment with friends and family.
10 years ago today, we started our new life together.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pin It! Make It! Challenge 2012

Okay, so for all those Pinterest-addicted people, like myself, who love to pin, but don't necessarily do much with said pins - this challenge is for you!

I challenge you (and me) to take those inspiring pins, those cooking pins, those art pins, those pattern pins, those home decor pins, those paper craft pins, those lovely quote pins and all those other fantabulous pins and use them, bake them, make them and be inspired and productive with them, and then..

Come share them with me and other Pinterest fans challenging themselves!

Yes, you say?

I will be hosting a lovely blog link up here on Polkadot Lane, every two weeks, on Fridays, starting on the 20th January, where we can share what pin we're inspired by, how we're using it, and what we are making and whatever else we'd like to say too, of course.

I can't wait!

So, are you in?


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chocolate Making with Dad

Roh's been wanting to make chocolates with the kids for a long time, and finally, we bought the things needed, and on Wednesday, they got busy making...

We ended up with milk chocolate soccer balls filled with peppermint or pineapple filling, a mix of milk and white chocolate dinosaurs, and a mix of white & tutti frutti flavoured roses...

Mmmm, yum!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Three Little Kidlets

 Chilling out together, at the end of a hot summers day...

Well, until Levi spots the camera :-P