Friday, August 31, 2007

I think I can...

share my news now. I've been keeping this little secret under my hat since April, and let me tell you, it's been quite tricky :-). But I have heard that For Keeps Issue 58 has now hit the stores, so I can share......I'm on the new Design Team! I was so excited when I got the email from Julia, and my stint is already half over, but I am having a ball with it. This is another reason why layouts have been a little scarce on my blog too - I've only had time to really do the secret squirrel stuff for FK :-P. Ok, so glad to have that off my chest now :-)

Nothing really exciting has been happening on this end. I have a cold/throat thing at the moment, and am sounding all husky. I think Jude is getting it now too. "Love Actually" is on TV tonight, and I so love that movie, so I'm looking forward to a quiet night in.....I must be getting old LOL.

Melbourne girls : A date for your diary...if you are interested ;-) - Saturday 6th October 2007 - this date has been booked for our next Scrap'n'Chat afternoon. This time round we will be selling the tickets before-hand through the website - which should be all up and ready to go next week. our afternoon crops :-)

Have a fab weekend!

K xx

Monday, August 27, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

My lovely sister Danielle nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger a couple of weeks ago - thanks chickie! I know a lot of people have already received this tag, so I'll just mention a couple of fab chickies whose blogs I visit....Dan Q, Cass, Viv, Vita, Rach, Felicity, Charmane, Sylvia, Becca Boo, Tam, Jane and Jolene...hmmm, I know there are a lot of other fab ladies out there, whose blog I read, so everyone feel free to be tagged!

Not much happening on the scrapping front at the moment. Had a hectic weekend, and I've come down with a cold/sore throat, so other than housework and looking after the kids, I haven't been doing much.

Bam Pop's new die-cuts and stamps should be here tomorrow afternoon - yay! - can't wait to see them in real life. Urban Lily is due early next week too, so lots of new products to play with.

Have a fab week!

Monday, August 20, 2007


My Awards for Excellence entry that is - yay! I finished it on Saturday. I actually created 7 layouts, and then had Danielle, and my good friend Kate help me cut two from the selection. I'm not really expecting to get anywhere this year, but it doesn't hurt to have a go.

But now I do have two layouts to share - the rejected ones LOL. First one is of Jude being his cute little self, and here I've used the Bam Pop stamp 'hellobot' and have used watercolour pencils to colour him in. And the other is of Danielle and Viv, shots taken in Sydney at Kiwiscraps.

Not much else to report in. I'm just about to upload a WHOLE HEAP of stuff to ebay - baby stuff, books (including some scrapbooking ones!), kids clothes, toys and some prints/mounted posters. It's going to take me forever to do, but it will be good to declutter. Now I'm just waiting for the camera batteries to charge (yes they died just as I started taking photos of my stuff!! - typical LOL). Oh, and if you are interested in having a look at what I'm selling, my ebay user name is (um, yeah, I joined before I had Jude :-P)

Have a fab week!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

On it's Way....More *NEW* Bam Pop

Just a couple of sneak peeks of more new products coming from Bam Pop in the next week or so. They have released two new die-cut sheets and 3 new stamps which are just adorable. I hope you like :-)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Paper Sale Madness & Tinkering Ink Arrives

Kiti Q is having a MASSIVE patterned paper clearance with over 100 paper designs discounted dramatically. Brands including Bam Pop, Basic Grey, KI Memories, Urban Lily and CherryArte. So come grab a bargain or two!

Also the new Botanical Bliss Tinkering Ink range is now in store, and selling fast. It's just as gorgeous in real life, and is actually double-sided with a co-ordinating coloured back. Just beautiful.

On the home front, I'm still working on my Awards for Excellence entry....I know, I know, it's taking me forever, but I promise I'm almost there. Roh's got a cold, but the kids are all fine at the moment.

Happy scrapping!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oops - Almost Forgot - Tagged by Felicity

Yep, Felicity tagged me the other day on her blog, so now I have to state 7 random things about me. Hmmmm....

1. Other than Kiti Q, I work for a Recruitment Company as an administration/payroll girl. Previously I worked for them as an Office Manager, before Jude came along. And even before that, my boss used to be one of my clients when I was an Employment Consultant before Alannah was born.

2. I grew up in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, Mt Barker, to be exact. And it is/was a beautiful place to grow up. But it has become so much bigger than what it was when I was a kid.

3. I am a Romantic Comedy movie buff - LOVE my feel-good movies. Some favourites are 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days', 'Suddenly 30', 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'What a Girl Wants'.

4. I am a home body. I love just chilling at home, wandering around doing whatever I feel like, not having to stress about what the kids are up to. And although it got a little tedious, I loved it when we only had the one car between Roh & I last year (his had died) cos I had an excuse not to go out :-P

5. My dream car is a Volkswagon Beetle convertible - red. I would LOVE to have this car - not really practical, as I can't imagine fitting all my display stands into it for Kiti Q, but still, it would be so cool.

6. Other than scrapping magazines, the only magazines that I read regularly are Real Living and Home Beautiful - at the moment, the ideas are more wishful thinking, but it's keeps me going, living in our little shack/cottage.

7. I LOVE names. It's the first thing I want to know when a friend/family member has a baby. And there is a bit of a baby boom going on around me at the moment. In the last month, Ebony May and Savannah Paige have entered the world. Two more bubs are due in the first week of September, then another two in November and one in January. I've always liked the more unusual names, not completely bizarre names, just a little different. I had to compromise with my hubby though, cos he is more traditional. Some girls names that I love are Charlize, Arwen, Tallulah, Lucille, Eden, and some boys names are London, Jett, Nate, Cole. Hmmm, fortunately no plans for a third so these names can just be names I love and no compromises required.

I think most of the people I know have been tagged with this one, but if you want to have a go, by all means :-)

K xx

Monday, August 13, 2007

My Scruff

Love these photos of Jude, and had fun doing this layout. Kept it pretty simple, and finally got to use one of Jane's Crafty Matters Ceramic Beep Beep Cars - so cute! You can get them over at the Crafty Matters blog. Will put a link up in my side bar tomorrow :-)

Today I got to do some fun shopping for Kiti Q - the new Tinkering Ink range Botanical Bliss is now on it's way to me, and I can't wait to get it in-store. So bright and funky! Only a few sleeps away...he he.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Layout to Share...more to come :-)

Last night I went to an EB girls crop night, and had a ball. So much chatting, a bit of scrapping and lots of laughing. I finished off one layout, and almost finished a second, that just needs journaling. I am still deciding on my FK's Awards layouts, so some might not make it on the blog quite yet ;-).

This layout is one that I did in SA, of my darling nephew Caden. He's now 8 months old but I still love the new bub photos. I should have some more layouts to share by the end of the week....well, that's the plan.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back Again :-P

Ok, I'm back..did ya miss me? LOL. Above is a quick photo share : My cousin Marissa and me (with my new do), Hayley & Lana, Caden and Jude.

Had a fab time in SA with friends and family. I did manage to get some scrapping done, and I am hoping to share a layout tomorrow, I am just missing one vital letter for the title - should have checked before I started really..he he. Oh well. I did a couple of other pages too - had a great day scrapping with my buddy Cass, amongst 3 crazy children, and got another page finished for my FK's Award for Excellence entry. Not long to go now.

It was wonderful just hanging out with Mum and Dad, watching DVD's and just chatting. Home is such a great place to be, and I always love this time that I spend with my parents. Mum is doing better now too.

Other news : I had my hair cut even shorter again, and I've gone blonde just for fun. Alannah is pretty much completely over her chicken pox now, and amazingly Jude didn't get them - yay! Bam Pop arrived in store at Kiti Q today, and is selling well already - the range is just so much fun! Danielle's Q Tea kits have already sold out for August which is fantastic...and I've seen some of the kit in real life, and it is divine :-)

Ok, will try and get back tomorrow. Working tomorrow too though - back to reality :-P