Thursday, March 24, 2011

Creative Space : Making, Making, Making

Just keep making, making,'s my motto at the moment.

The market went quite well last week, which means I have to work extra hard this week to get my stock levels up to something resembling 'enough'. Don't get me wrong though, it's a good problem to have :-)

I've started making girls skirts...did I mention that yet? Oh well, I am. I have got a mix of adjustable waist/flat front market skirts, and these new wrap-around cord & cotton mix skirts, which I think are perfect for the cooler days - definitely cute with tights, boots and a beanie. Currently I'm making from Sizes 1 to 6, but definitely plan to go up a few more sizes.

The wrap skirt pattern is new for me and I only have 3 made up so far, so that is definitely on the to-do list today, along with some more little bow bags, fabric flower headbands, and some crochet in between all that.

I'm looking forward to next markets booked for the for-seeable future. I'm hoping I will get time to update my Made It store, and also to sit down with a coffee and read/flick through this book.....

I've never patchworked before, and this book looks lovely and inspiring with lots of basic technique info. Honestly though, I would like to do a true scrappy patchwork quilt...I'm working on my stash of squares with this project in mind.

If any of you are in Melbourne this weekend, I'll be at Mulgrave Makers Market this Sunday. The weather forecast is looking good, the farmers market is there too and I'll be joined by Danielle, Jude, Wendy, Jane and so many talented makers.

Lots more busy, crafty, lovely people over here.



  1. The skirts look fantastic! I wish I had a little girl to buy one for!!!
    Great quilt patterns shown on the book. And awesome fabric to boot ;) I'd love to get into that a bit... I did buy some batting and a little fabric. One day...

  2. I'm not in Melbourne but there seems to be so many great markets happening there. Glad they are going well for you - you make lovely things!

  3. oh Kelly these skirts look so cute! can't wait to see them on some girls!


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