Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Creative Space : Must Sew :-P

So, that big pile of lovely, cut-out fabrics from last week...yep, barely touched. Slack, I know!

But what I did make are these little custom order bags using the very last of my Alexander Henry 'Willow' stash (in this colourway, anyhow :-P) which should be ready by the end of the day. I literally have one round of stitching on each to do, as well as add the handles, and then, ta da, they'll be finished - yay!

I have two markets this month, so I really need to find my sewing mojo and get back into the swing of it all.

But not yet, not today.
Today I'm hoping to be a relaxing day - I have a much-longed-for hairdressers appointment with Heidi my lovely hairdresser. I'm thinking something different..maybe a blunt fringe, and definitely some colour. And Levi is spending some time with my sis, so woo hoo for 'me' time!

I'm sure you'll find many more productive creative spaces over here, so why not check them out!



  1. I wish I'd finally learn how to sew, I think I'd enjoy it. My machine's been waiting...

    I'm curious to see how your hair comes out...!!

  2. Love the little bags! Gorgeous fabrics, so cute.
    Hope you enjoy your day :)

  3. They are super cute! Have fun relaxing and getting your hair cut!

  4. Such cute bags... the little bow just gives them an edge.

    I hope you love your new hair. x

  5. Love the bows on the bags! So cute :)
    Enjoy the time to yourself having a wee pamper.

  6. My daughter 'oohed and aahed' when I showed her what you made. Then she wistfully asked me why I can't sew. I may need to learn...

  7. This has to be one of my favourite fabrics. Love the colours and the design. Those custom bags sound perfect for it. Hope you had a lovely time at the hairdressers!

  8. How adorable are those bags! Love love love that sweet bow.

  9. Those little bows remind me of the (electrical tape and safety pin) bows everyone made in year six... I think you started that fad at school? Very cute and made me smile :)

  10. OMG those are so cute! LOVE that fabric :)


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