Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Week 5's Card - Ephemera

I managed to get another card done for my mini art journal - this prompt was to use some ephemera that you received in the last week. So for me, I used the 'With Compliments' slip I got for Up2Scrap, with my contributors copy of the magazine. I got it on Friday, so that was pretty cool - my first international magazine publication!

Anyway, I've got to get me and the kids ready for work/childcare. Hugs xx

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Love, Love, Love

This was the prompt for Week 6 of Emily's Deck of Me Mini Art Journal project..and as you can see, I did it of me and my gorgeous hubby. I'm finding out that this mini project is a great way to use up those fun little scraps that we all keep - this is the SEI Twitterpated papers that I used for my layout "Groovy Kind of Love". And I'm so glad I got to use them again, cos they are soooo funky!

Today I had a day at home....yes, I was suppose to be at work but little Jude had a temperature and a really yucky nose, so I thought it best not to share it with Danielle and her family, so I took the day off. I actually think having a day off was a good thing for me, as I was getting a bit overwhelmed with everything I am committed to, so to have a day with nothing planned was fantastic.

Exciting news too - my mum and dad are heading over to Melbourne for a visit in just over two weeks - yay! We always love it when they visit, and vice versa, when we visit them. So that's something fab to look forward to.

Ok, I might scrap a little more now. Both kiddies are asleep so it's just so peaceful and perfect for creative time. Bye!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Update - News, Layouts & Everyday Stuff

Well, first of all, I've a couple of things to share. One is my 1,2,3 cybercrop challenge that I just finished this morning, entitled "Click". I so wanted to do this photo with the word "Smiwle" in it, cos that is Lana's thing when she has a camera - wondering around asking everyone to "smiwle" and it's just so cute :-) Definitely something I would want to be able to remember in years to come. The other little thing is my first attempt at the Deck of Me Mini Art Journal, inspired by Emily Falconbridge's blog. This card is in response to the prompt "A symbol you love", and who doesn't love the kiss symbol, as it represents so much. This was week 4's prompt, and I'm a bit behind but oh well. I'm sure I'll catch up. The blog is up to week 8 now, so I'm not too far behind, plus they are only little canvases. Such a gorgeous little project though :-)

Some exciting news for me too - over the last week I've had 3 layouts picked up by For Keeps - Feel the Sun, Sweet Miracle and Just Falling Asleep. I think they will be in Issue 55, but I'm not 100% sure, he he. Oh well.

On the home front, we had a huge skip delivered on Friday, which we shared with our neighbour, so all the rubbish, and extra bits of building materials, and just general junk was tossed, and the house is looking a lot better for it. I've still got to finish the kitchen, although I did head off to Spotlight yesterday and picked up a blind for one of the windows (I did manage a sneak through the scrapbooking section too...but I wasn't too naughty). Today I've got to finish off my hubby's BAS - yuck - I hate bookwork! But I did leave it to the last minute...silly me. The kids are at their grandparents so hopefully I'll be able to fly through it, without interruption.

And with that, I should probably go now..and actually do that. Have a fab week!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

BAM POP and a Giveaway :-)

Well, it's officially here - BAM POP arrived yesterday and is now available through Kiti Q. Here's a peek at a couple of the papers & the diecuts. Aren't they funky?? And with characters such as Bambots, Popzilla and Fatbirds, it is sure to give you a giggle and some inspiration :-)

Well, just because I am so excited to be bringing this fab brand to Australia, as one of only two stockists in the country, I feel like giving away something with the next order put through on Kiti Q. So, for whomever puts an order through first on Kiti Q, after this is posted, I will include with your order, the latest 'Scrapbooking Memories' magazine - Vol. 8 No. 8 - valued at $9.95. Isn't that great? And not only will you get the freebie, but you will also get 15% off of your next order with our February promotion - so lots of incentive to have a shop :-)

Oh, and also new to the store is Basic Grey's 'Pheobe' range, and all of the Urban Lily Winter 07 ranges. I've been a busy girl uploading everything, so have a peek. You won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finally....I scrap

It feels like I haven't had a chance to scrap for last night I decided to sit down and create, and this is what I came up with. My inspiration was from Crafting In Style's ongoing challenge, and my challenge was to use lots of bling, vellum and no chipboard. At first the no chipboard thing felt a bit daunting..but A HA I have plastic alphabets and they were a lifesaver. I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and it will be perfect for my BOM.

Now, for other news...the garage sale was a success. We sold some stuff, as did Danielle and then whatever was left over went to a local op shop. Then Sunday Rohan and I rearranged our living space which is still looking like chaos but we'll get there. The kitchen is getting closer to being finished - yay! And this weekend we are going halves with our neighbours for a massive skip, so the outside should look a lot neater but that means another very busy weekend.

Jude has learnt the cutest word - 'mine' and he points to himself and says it over and over and over again..even when you repeat it back to him he just keeps on going. It's very cute. And Alannah had a sleep-over at Uncle Nath's and Aunty Reeze's which she always loves, and they always manage to tire her out so she's out like a light now.

Now I've got work tomorrow and then a couple of days at home, I hope. I'm such a home-body, and I'm just itching to just hang out at home and play with the kids. Anyway, this is just the mundane things of life.

Oh, and another exciting thing is that Kiti Q is going to the Melbourne Crop For Kids on Good Friday, which raises money for the Royal Childrens Hospital so if anybody is interested in going, please check out the blog in my sidebar. It would be fab to see you there!

Have a great night! :-)

Friday, February 16, 2007

New Stuff

Well, I feel like I've been spending up a storm this week, and having lots of fun doing it too :-). Firstly, the crazy cool Bam Pop papers, diecuts and stamps are on their way over from the USA, so they should arrive in the next 1-2 weeks. Then I just ordered the new Basic Grey range "Phoebe", and I've also got a Scrap FX bundle arriving today or Monday - lots of new dragonflies, doodads and some more butterflies. So lots of cool stuff is almost here for Kiti Q.

Not only that, but the whole Winter 2007 Release from Urban Lily Australia has been pre-ordered, and I am also expecting the arrival of My Mind's Eye Magnolia ranges within the next couple of weeks - just brilliant. So much new stuff to play with!! Yay!

Other than that, I've been flat out doing the renovation thing, as well as getting ready for tomorrow's garage sale. It's going to be such a hot day, so fortunately the sale is only going from 8am - 1pm, otherwise it would just be a shocker!

Anyway, I better get off of the computer and do some more sorting for tomorrow. Oh, and don't forget Charmane & Karlene's 1,2,3 Challenge Cybercrop is on, starting tonight. Might chat to you there :-)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kitchen Sneak Peek

I feel like I've been hiding away a bit these last few days..and I suppose I have. Danielle and I got all motivated and decided to re-do/renovate/paint my kitchen to make it up to date and cheery. We spent all Friday sorting through stuff and preparing for paint, then Saturday painting. And now my hubby is completely into it as well, so Sunday was spent doing more painting, as was Monday... so what have I got to show for it you might ask... Well, I'm not yet ready to reveal the before and after photos, as the after photos can't be taken yet. We are close to finishing, but not quite there yet.. still need to get a new window furnishing and to finish a sink splashback, and to stain the timber benchtop. But here is a small part of the renovation...and the feature wall colour which I just LOVE. So fresh.

So anyway, I haven't had much of a chance to scrap due to all this and work. I've got an outstanding challenge at Jolene's website, Crafting in Style, that I need to get done this week, as well as the 1,2,3 February challenge. I've got lots of ideas..just no time to act on them..

Maybe next week...LOL

Thursday, February 8, 2007

First Day of Kindy

Well, as mentioned in the previous post, Alannah had her first day at 3 year old kindy today. All went well, and from what I can gather she had fun, and learnt a new little song...and has been singing it over and over and over again LOL.. Here are a few piccies...and one of Jude too :-)

I've got a busy few days ahead, with renovating, resorting, packing things up for storage and sorting & pricing things for a garage sale. For any Melbournites who might like a bargain or two, myself and my neighbour are having a MASSIVE garage sale on Saturday 17th February - selling babies goods (change table, pram, blankets), furniture (dining table & chairs), kitchen stuff, kids & adults clothes, toys and lots of knick-knacks. Anyway, if you're interested just email me or post a comment, and I'll email you my address!

Will post some before and after shots of the renovations, along the way. I'm lucky to have my fab sister Danielle to give me a hand in all that hands-on stuff - don't know how much we'll get done with 4 kids, 3 and under in age, to look after, but we'll give it a shot...we always do :-P

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Kiti Q Promotion

Wow - it's been one whole year since we launched Kiti Q onto the world wide web - it's flown, and it's amazing how much I've learnt, and how much fun I've had.

So, I decided to do something to thank all my customers for their support and lovely emails. Just think, put an order through this month and then you can get 15% off of your next order - when all the new Urban Lily is available, and MME Magnolia range, and KI Memories Wild Thing range....and so much more. There are definitely some fun products coming in, and I'm sure lots of inspiring ideas will come from it. Personally, I can't wait for some of this new stock.

Not much else to report - just been working, working, working :-) Ooohh, it is Alannah's first day at 3 year old kindy tomorrow, so that's kind of exciting. I must remember to take at least a couple of photos, otherwise what kind of scrapper would I be? LOL

Ok, I really, really need a coffee. Bye!

**PS - This image is an image only - sorry the link doesn't work - see sidebar for Kiti Q - thanks!**

Monday, February 5, 2007

Two More Challenges Met

I was up until Midnight last night scrapping - crazy, I know. Especially when you have to get up at the crack of dawn with two littlies. What can I say - I had an idea for this one challenge and just had to do it...and then it took me longer to do than expected - typical!

Both scans of these layouts aren't perfect - the colour is a bit out on both of them, but I'll share them anyway. The layout entitled "I love you" was so much fun to do, although quite simple in design. I had a ball making the little felt heart flowers - they are soooo cute. Anyway, that was for Scrap Top 50. And then "Blissful Bride" was for Scrap Therapy, using their logo as inspiration. Lots of bling and I just love that colour combo.

I had such a fantastic scrapping weekend, and quite productive too. It felt so good to get back into it, and I soooo needed to spend some quality 'me' time, after camping, housework, unpacking and just general everyday life stuff.

I hope you all had a fab weekend too :-)

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Cyber-cropping my weekend away..

I've jumped online this weekend, and am joining in with not one, but TWO cyber-crops. One is at Scrapbooking Top 50 and the other is at a new online store called Scrap Therapy. I've managed to complete Challenge 1 for both sites - yay! The first layout entitled "Charmane" was for SBTop50 and the criteria was - a photo of a friend, must use some Urban Lily product on it, and it must have meaningful journalling. The next layout entitled "Cassie & Me" was for Scrap Therapy and their criteria was - the colour red, flowers and hearts. I actually found myself a little stuck as to what to do after my weeks break, so the pages didn't flow as quickly as they usually do, and both of these layouts are a bit different than my usual style, I think. Does anyone else ever have that problem after having a scrapping break, or is it just me?? :-P

Well, I'm off to get started on another one of the challenges...what one, I'm not sure yet. I'll just see what inspires me :-)

Happy scrapping!

Friday, February 2, 2007

A Few Holiday Snaps

A few photos from our camping trip at the Kiewa River, Tawonga in Victoria.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

A Quick Post..

Got back from camping last night, and have been hectically trying to unpack, clean and organise things again. I am dying to scrap, as I haven't touched my scrap stash since Saturday. Here's a layout that I finished just before we left of my darling nephew Caden. This is actually for the album I am doing for my sis, who is not a scrapbooker and she insists that she will never convert - he he. Isn't he just gorgeous?

Well, got lots more stuff to catch up on, and the amount of washing I've got just isn't right :-P. So better get back to it. Will update with some photos from our trip soon.