Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creative Space : Pop, Pop, Pop

So with the end of term comes children moving on to new schools, and with that, of course, comes parties and food requests.

This term end, both Jude and Lana had parties happening. Lana's was last week, while Jude's was today.

At Lana's request, I gave the popular 'Cake Pops' a go, a first try for me, and they worked out ok, and tasted amazing (so I was told by another mum :-P).

I read up on the 'how to' and as I had just spent the day at Ikea (laundry fit out shopping - yay!), I had no energy to really tackle the original recipe. Luckily for me, I had just read another blog with an ever-so-easy version, combining oreo cookies and cream cheese - you can find the recipe here.
Then I just melted some dark chocolate, coated the pops and decorated with purple sprinkles, at the request of Alannah (purple is apparently her friend's favourite colour).

For Jude's party food, I went with the ever-popular but ever-standard cupcakes. A buttercake base with chocolate buttercream icing & sprinkles.

Unfortunately there are leftovers of these :-P

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Made It Finds..

I have things to blog about...I do, really, but I just thought I'd do a quick post about a couple of Made It finds that I've seen, that I really like....

(or it could just be that I'm being lazy and don't feel like editing photos :-P but who doesn't love a pretty picture post every now and then)

Anyhow, moving on...

Beautiful teal ring found at 'I wish I was'

Lovely & whimsical handmade clock at 'Snowfawn Homewares'

Retro, funky Pear doorstop from 'Belly Designs'

A pretty cute cushion for the pink in your life at 'Tiges & Weince'

A swish & sophisticated Cherry Blossom lamp from LuLu's

And lastly, this absolutely adorable owl softie by 'Cook You Some Noodles'

So, some fun, cute, pretty and funky finds over at Made It. Just a few, but there are so many more cool things over there...I didn't even look at the clothing.

Things coming soon :
* A crochet ruffle scarf - finished product and pattern link & edits
* Baking - cake pops & cupcakes, with recipe link
* House stuff - a dose of the everyday
* Red nose day photos

And more!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Retro Find

On my lovely weekend in Daylesford, we did a lot of op-shop/market/bazaar type shopping. I picked up a few bargains but my most favourite purchase, which was from Daylesford Bazaar, was this....

an original retro pouffe....

I saw it, and straight away I could visualise it in my home. I did walk away from it for a few moments, but was quite quickly back and had it in my hands.
It's in perfect condition - no tears, the piping is complete and the legs are stable.'s red!

How could I not get it? :-P

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Little Bit Boho

There has been quite a bit of making, behind the scenes at Polkadot Lane. Mostly beanies, beanies and more beanies.

But in between the crochet, I have managed to squeeze in a little sewing.

This boho style dress was finished last week, for Miss Alannah, and she adores it! I finished it on Friday, and she pretty much wore it all weekend. Just got to love it when that happens - she must really love it if she wants to keeping wearing it, right? :-)

I think this style really suits her.

Alannah thought it was a perfect dress for playing the guitar in too....

I'll be getting back into the sewing over the next few weeks, starting to prep for Spring markets. Who knows...maybe a few of these boho style dresses may make it to market too.

What kind of things are you working on at the moment?


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Musical Flashback

Just for fun, I thought I'd post a few favourites from my teen years (the mid 90's)...

'Last Goodbye' Jeff Buckley

'Buddy Holly' Weezer

'That's the way love goes' Janet Jackson

'Just a Girl' No Doubt

'Are you going to go my way' Lenny Kravitz

'Queer' Garbage

'Loser' Beck

'Coma' Max Sharam

'Mr Jones' Counting Crows

'Name' Goo Goo Dolls

Ooh there are so many good ones...I also love 'Disarm' by Smashing Pumpkins, 'No Rain' by Blind Melon', 'You Oughtta Know' by Alannis Morrisette and there are so many great Pearl Jam and Radiohead songs, I just couldn't pick one.

Actually I could really keep going and going - so many memories linked to many of these songs.

I think that's the thing about music, don't you?

The links in your brain to certain events, times, occasions, even if it was just hanging out with mates, can all be triggered by one song, one chorus, one beat. A time where responsibilities were minimal, and my biggest worry was what I was going to wear, and what colour to dye my hair :-P

I'm sure everyone has songs like this - songs from a particular era? or time in your life?

Do you?

I would love to hear about it.

Happy weekend!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grateful for...Cooking Mojo

For a long time I did not try much out in the kitchen. There were a couple of reasons - my kitchen was tiny (it was actually our hallway/kitchen so it was tight), I had no bench space, my oven was temperamental and it just did not evoke absolutely any inspiration to cook, beyond our family meals.

So this week I am grateful for...

* my new cooking space...bench space, cupboard space, space to move...just SPACE!

* re-discovering my cooking mojo after quite a few years of it being on hiatus (top photo - orange & rhubarb upside down cake taken from Real Living Magazine last August - yum!)

* being able to challenge myself with new recipes. My hubby and I have made a deal - whenever we have guests for dinner, we have to try out one new recipe, partially to justify my soft spot for cookbooks, and the other part to expand our cooking outlook.

* that the Chicken, Mushroom & Ham Crusty Pies (Ainsley Harriott recipe) I made last night for our dinner guests turned out lovely...phew :-P

Come join in the blog hop over at Maxabella's and maybe share what you are grateful for this week..


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creative Space : A Stitch or Two

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm enjoying myself with a bit of stitching. This one is a 'Melly & Me' design, to be used in a sewing project - hopefully I'll have the finished project to show sooner, rather than later.

And here's one I prepared earlier.. :-P

This was started and finished on Sunday at The Daylesford Craft Experience. The original design is by Kristen Doran and is designed to become a brooch, BUT I quite like it in the hoop, and I think I might hang it on the wall, in my little craft nook.

Just one thing though - should I paint the frame or not? I'm leaning towards painting it red, as it really makes the design stand out, or I could just leave it raw...hmmmm...

Inspirational and creative blogs a-plenty over here.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Weekend of Lovely

Lovely friends, lovely weather, lovely food, lovely craft and of course, lovely Daylesford.

Our cute little cottage - walking distance to the main strip in Daylesford, and the Lark store..

And we planned it well - we were at Lark first thing, for day 1 of their annual garage sale - we all managed to pick up a bargain or two....or maybe more :-P

The cafes in Daylesford are plentiful. We chose 3 to eat at and can I just say - yum!

Saturday night we all cosied up on the couches, in front of a wonderful open fire....

and enjoyed fabulous food and wine, while watching chick flicks....without interruption!!

Sunday, Kate and I headed off to Peppers in Hepburn Springs for our day of craft...

The talented Kristen Doran sat at our table a lot throughout the day, with her friend, the sweet Melinda from Paperklip.

Here is a couple of Kristen's projects for the day...I'm in love with this retro caravan design, but wasn't in love with the fabrics for this project, so I've got the pattern and I plan on doing it on something just a little bit more 'me'.

Just one of many quirky embroidery projects that were available to make, by Jodie from Ric Rac. Another of Jodie's projects was the felt 'craft clock' which had a 16 hour clock face - to make sure we all have enough time for craft in our day - I loved it, so have bought the kit and plan on making this sometime soon, as well as this embroidery. They'll be perfect for my craft nook.

And finally, one of the projects from the clever crafter, Melly from Melly and Me. I currently have this flower design in my hoop at the moment. And after learning a few new stitches, I am quite enjoying the process, and thinking up many things to play with stitches on.

So just a quick summary of our weekend. Needless to say, I'm sure, that the time out from 'mummy duty' was enjoyed muchly, as was the quality time with Danielle & Kate. We are already talking about the next one....Red Hill maybe?


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Creative Space : Homework

Creative that's not too bad really, is it?

You see, my sis Dan, my friend Kate and I are heading off for a much-wanted, long awaited, girls craft weekend in Daylesford tomorrow (a full nights sleep - woo hoo!). And on Sunday, I'll be attending the Daylesford Craft Experience, and thus, the homework.

I am cutting it a little fine, with an early pre-sunrise airport pick up of dear hubby tomorrow (which is one of the reasons this weekend away is much-wanted - have been solo-parenting on and off for 7-13 days a stint, for the last six months while hubby works in W.A) and also the regular school run, food shop, housework and all those fun things before our weekend away begins (and of course, spending a little time with my man before I leave).

Anyhoo...I'm sure I'll have some pics to share next week.

And in other creative news, I had an order from New Zealand for two of my beanie bands, and here they are. My first beanie bands of the season.

Lots more creative spaces over this way.