Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Layout to Share

Last night, while my hubby was at the movies, I sat down and started this layout - just for fun. And it actually fits in with this fortnight's dare at the How Dare You blog which is to use fabric. I am loving the Love, Elsie fabric papers - so fun! Anyhow, it's of my little nephew Caden and his dad Alan when he was only about one day old. How adorable is this photo - it was taken by my talented sister Danielle, and just captures that precious moment so well.

Had a fun afternoon today - shopping up at the sales, mainly at Pumpkin Patch and Cotton on Kids but many bargains were had, and my poor credit card got a bit of a beating.

Oh, a BIG, HUGE Happy Anniversary for yesterday to my brother-in-law/sister-in-law Nathan and Reeze who have just celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary and have some very exciting things to look forward to in their 11th year together ;-). Happy Anniversary guys!

I am thinking of revamping my bedroom. It's currently in blues & chocolates and is all nice and everything but I've had it like that for about 4 years and I think it's time for a change. I was thinking about bringing in a bit of green and some brighter colours - I have blue walls, so at the moment they have to stay, but I think I can work with it. Hmm, something to think about anyway. I might have a play on a canvas with some paint, have some fun and see what I come up could end up being my inspiration .. Will share if it looks any good LOL.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Photo Share....especially for Dad :-)

My Dad reads my blog...and much prefers to see photos of his grandkids than my scrapbooking things, so this is especially for you, dad. Oh, and the scrap-related things are actually photos taken by my dad on his dives, and this is the mini album I've started for him.

So we've got a couple of shots of Jude - one where he is looking all serious and full of attitude in his shirt and tie, but with his cup of milk LOL, and the other in his new jumper that my mum knitted for him - very spunky! And then little Lana, who isn't so little anymore, with her new haircut - she had about 3 inches cut off and layers put in - it was long overdue!

Not much else to report in. New Rouge De Garance ranges - Cupidon and Urbaine - are now in store at Kiti Q, and Basic Grey's new range Infuse should arrive either Monday or Tuesday, so along with Love, Elsie, lots of new stock has been arriving. Not much happening on the scrapping front for me either....although I so want to scrap! Having all these fab products around is soooo tempting.

The new Transformers movie is out tomorrow, and my hubby is off to see it with a bunch of his mates. I hope it's good cos he's been talking about it for months now :-P

Ok, enough of my rant. Enjoy your evening :-)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Yay - Tam has joined Kiti Q's Design Team!

Yep, that's right. The very talented, lovely lady Tam Milborn has agreed to design for Kiti Q. Woo Hoo! Danielle and I met up with Tam yesterday at the fab cafe Ripe in Sassafras (The Dandenong Ranges) and had a good old chat and finalised things (oh, and of course Dan took a few photos), so now it's out there for public knowledge. I am so excited to have a fresh face join the Kiti Q team, and I can't wait to see what Tam comes up with.

Welcome to Kiti Q Tam!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Love, Elsie is here....well, most of it :-P

Kiti Q has finally received MOST of it's Love, Elsie order. Here is where I apologise, as due to a miscommunication from my Stock Receiver who guaranteed my entire order was here in Oz, I had put everything up in store, but then to my horror, when I got the stock in my hands, I was missing a few products lines....grrrrr. Not happy! I've taken the missing stock out of the store now but I'm sorry for those first, quick buyers. Apparently the remaining items will be shipped from the USA in early July. Still not happy! Oh the joys of having a business...

Anyway, onto the fun bit - the Love, Elsie products are SO FUNKY!! Especially the fabric papers, the chipboard buttons and the embossed cardstock...I won't go's getting embarrassing LOL.

I've spent most of my day today doing housework - just yuck. But the good news is my scrap desk is completely clean and ready for me to create a new mess on it. Can't wait. It's been over a week since I played, and my fingers are itching to do something with the Love, Elsie products. It's way too tempting having all the stock in my house LOL. I'll be good though...I promise :-)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Kitchen Dreaming

I found this fantastic kitchen in the July 2007 issue of Real Living - LOVE this magazine! Anyway, Roh and I are about to start our extension/major renovations which will eventually include a new kitchen....something very similar to this one :-) Roh tells me that it is still ages away, but I like to plan ahead and have something fun to look forward to. Maybe I will actually like cooking in THIS kitchen LOL...well, maybe :-P

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our Next Scrap'n'Chat

It's on again - yes - Kiti Q, along with Bon's Scraps and the 1,2,3 Blog (the victorian half - Charmane Koch) are having a fun afternoon of scrapping. Here are the details :

Scrap 'n' Chat provides you with a chance to try new techniques, relax, chat and scrap. Get to know the team, spend time with friends (old and new) and be inspired by new ideas.

* Time: 12 - 5pm
* Date: Saturday 14th July 2007
* Cost: $10 per person
* Location: Belgrave South Community House
Gilmore Court, Belgrave South, Melways reference- 84 G 4.

We will provide:

* A special challenge to be announced on the day, with fantastic prizes up for grabs!
* Space for each attendee to spread out their supplies and projects
* Coffee, tea and light refreshments {including pumpkin scones}

Due to seating and catering, bookings are essential - so register early to avoid disappointment. Simply email me at to reserve your spot!

Bon and I will also have our shops set up, with lots of products to inspire you, if you need it.

Look forward to seeing you there!


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Alannah Art

Isn't this little bird just so adorable? Alannah drew it on the weekend, and I just loved it so much I decided it would be a great thing to scrap, so I did! It actually fitted in brilliantly with the 1,2,3 Monthly Challenge where you need to include birds, acrylic stamping and polka dots. But I just love how fab a drawer my little girl is. Her drawings make me happy :-)

I've Been Tagged!

Ok, Liz has tagged me, so here goes :

Name three things that scare you... Mice/Rats, Spiders and losing one of my loved ones in death

The daggiest thing in your music collection... Jeremy Jordan LOL

Your three favourite clothing items... My jeans (I live in them!), my funky red cardigan, my black extra long V neck tee.

Your partners most annoying habit... Lack of communication

What stresses you out... Tax time

If I could change the world I would...banish famine and poverty

Your favourite household chore… oh yuck...housework...but if I had to pick one - washing clothes LOL (it's the easiest - put it in the machine and walk away)

If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for…Homewares

In my next life I would like to come back as…me - I like my life :-)

Your least favourite celebrity… Jordan & Peter Andre

I tag Hayley, Danielle & Bec xx

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bam Pop is Back!

Yep, I got my re-stock today plus a couple of new stamps. Love this little critter - Popzilla. So fun!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Lots of Pictures...Mail Art & Kiwiscraps Projects

Ok, so lots of piccies. First up is the mail art that I have received through Charmane's blog - lots of fun Bam Pop images from Charmane, some very funky & arty things from Sylvia in Germany and a very pretty little package from Teina. I LOVE getting happy mail like this. Oh, and I have finished mine so they will be posted off this week too, girls :-).

Then the following images are of my Kiwiscraps projects. First up is the lovely Nic Howard's "Wildflowers" class - I loved how this layout turned out, loved being introduced to the very addictive technique of adding beads to your page and just the fun of the class. Next is Kim Henkel's "Art is Beautiful" class layout, which the whole premise was to not use adhesive, although I must admit that I did for the title but that was all - everything else was stitched on! Then was the super fun project with Rhonna Farrer "Pocketful of Surprises". Dan and I had a ball doing this class. Lots of little fun things that made us smile, and Rhonna was a real sweetie, and so positive all the time - it was great!

Am having a not-so-productive child-free day, but I am loving just chilling, doing a little catching up online and listening to some fab music instead of ABC kids - LOL!

Take care xx

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Finishing Things Off

I'm usually pretty good with getting my projects finished off, but I dont know what happened with my Kiwiscraps classes. I've just pulled them all out, and I'm attempting to finish them off. This one of Jude (9"x9") was from Emily Falconbridge's class - it was great fun, and felt very arty. We dyed paper towels, and then made our own stencil which was cool. I did actually finish this layout during the class, but I had forgotton to share it.
I've just finished my Nic Howard "Wildflowers" class LO, which I really like - lots of beading and sparkle. I'll have to wait to get an image of this one though, as it's too lumpy bumpy for the scanner. Next on the list is either my Rhonna Farrer or Kim Henkel projects. Hmm, not sure yet. Will see what one inspires me tonight :-)

Have a great rest of the weekend!