Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Third Time the Charm

This dress and I have a not-so-happy history.

The original making of it went off without a hitch but then...

the back elastic snapped just as I was doing it up on Alannah...peeved just a little? oh yeah

I finally find my groove with the dress again, and fix it up, only to find that someone had accidentally knocked it onto my wet oil painting, so now there were random red splashes of paint on the belt sash....

So this is where the 3 felt flowers make their new and much needed appearance.

But with all of this, finally, it is finished and Lana loves it, and even got to wear it on the weekend. Just in time for the end of summer :-P

Note : Made from McCalls pattern M5574


  1. Its a beautiful dress, I love it. The flowers at the front look fabulous.

  2. It's really nice! I wouldn't of even known that the flowers at the front weren't supposed to be there if you hadn't of mentioned them, they go really well together and look like they were meant to be there all along. :)

  3. I want a dress like that!!! Super lovely - what an amazing print!

  4. oh it's lovely Kell! don't worry, now it has a story to it and that's so much cooler! ;)

  5. Gorgeous dress! love the fabric. I would never had guessed it had such a history, looks fab to me : )


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