Friday, September 30, 2011

Creative Space : Late!

I know, I know - creative space is a Thursday thing, and I had it in my head to do all day yesterday but I just got side-tracked...I'm sure you all know how it is.

So it's late, BUT it's still here...that's the main thing, right? :-P

This week I've been working on things for my upcoming markets...

More pillowcase dresses....

My robot screen print at stage 1, on t-shirts and tote bags...

And the all-important labelling on my screen printed tops..

I'm trying to work through things in a sensible manner, instead of my usual 'jumping from dresses to cutting to printing' way of doing things, and so far, I feel like things are more under control, so that's a good thing.

If you are after some eye candy, or just feel like some inspiration, why not head over here for some blog fun.

Back soon, with a fun holiday, crafty project for the kids, and my boy's tees designs.


Monday, September 26, 2011


Friday night, my friend Kate and I headed into the city, to CAE in Flinders Lane to attend 'Cupcakes Galore' - a cupcake decorating course. We had bought a couple of vouchers from one of those websites (you know the ones? - Scoopon, Living Social, Daily Deals, etc) at around 60% off of the regular price - bargain!

The course was all about technique, more than anything, and after 2 hours of theory, we got to play on our own 6 cupcakes.

Here are the 5 techniques I played with :

This one the teacher called 'The Proposal Cupcake' but it really was just using chocolate ganache instead of buttercream and adding red roses...(oh, and all the flowers used were premade..but I will learn how to do them one day too! The leaves are by me though :-P)

"The Classic"

"The Lattice"

"The Softserve" - this is my favourite, as I think it would look fantastic on mass, and it's just so cupcake-y..

"The Topiary"

And she also demonstrated "The Rose" which was just beautiful but I didn't get a chance to try that one, although Kate did and it looked amazing, even with the icing being a bit too warm and droopy.

So, that was my Friday night.

How was your weekend?


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quick Quiche Yumminess

I love this recipe - it's quick, it's easy, you can change the fillings and the kids love it - win, win!

So I thought I'd share :

Quick Chicken and Pesto Quiches
Makes 12

3 sheets Puff Pastry, partially thawed
1 small BBQ Chicken
1 cup grated Cheese
4 Eggs
2/3 cup Sour Cream
1/4 cup Basil Pesto

* Place a baking tray into the oven. Preheat oven and tray to 200 deg.
* Lightly grease a 12 x 1/3 cup muffin pan.
* Cut 4 x 10cm diameter rounds from each sheet of pastry (I used a rammekin for my guide)
* Use pastry to line bases and sides of muffin holes.
* Remove chicken from bones. Shred chicken.
* Divide chicken and cheese between pastry cases.
* Beat eggs, sour cream, pesto, salt and pepper in a jug, with a fork to combine.
* Spoon over chicken and cheese.
* Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until centres are set.
* Serve warm or at room temperature.

Variations : When I made these yesterday, I swapped the chicken for shaved virginian ham and mushrooms. Other options are olives and roasted capsicum, ham and pineapple, tomato and mushroom...and I'm sure I could think of plenty more!

Also, I swapped to 'light' ingredients where I could - usually the cheese and sour cream - and it still worked fine.

And I usually have enough egg mixture to make another 4-6 quiches, so having a spare sheet of puff pastry could be useful.

Perfect for a sunny spring lunch!


Creative Space : Fabric Love

Going on from last week's post, I have finished my very first pillowcase dress...

and I must say I am still loving this fabric - so summery, so bright and very funky!

I have a few more cut out and ready to go, now that I've tweaked my pattern, and I'm really enjoying the process...

I'm sure having adorable little heart pins to use, is helping with my inspiration and motivation too... :-P

More lovely creative spacers over here.


Monday, September 19, 2011

A Merging of Makers

With market season upon us, it is probably an apt time to let you all know about this little merger with my friend Kate.

Life is so busy and hectic, and the pressure of making for markets, can, at times, feel a little overwhelming. So with that in mind, my friend and I decided on a merge of stock for markets, while still maintaining our own Made It shops and branding, on the actual items.

Basically, one shop with 2 design ranges.

So when we took Polkadot Lane...

And Sew Chirpy...

We got Chirpy Lane...

Cute, right?

The super talented Danielle from over at Curiouser is the clever one, who created all 3 of these brands - thanks chica!

Now this is the banner you will find me under at all upcoming markets, and there are a few coming up, but I'll fill you in a bit closer to the dates.

Meanwhile, I better get my sewing and printing mojo into line, and get making, making, making!

Next on the list : boys screen printed tees - 1 design down, 2 to go.

Enjoy your week!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creative Space - Prints & Pillowcases

Today I plan on playing with ink and fabric a bit more (nothing new there, hey? :-P)

Here is a bag I was experimenting with, a screen print, but reversed, with a touch of hand painting too...thoughts please?
I was also thinking of adding a couple of fabric embellishments to it, maybe music notes or hearts...hmmm...not sure...

And I also have every intention on making up a few pillowcase dresses - I'm in love with this new funky floral fabric that I picked up last week. It's a Michael Miller fabric design in a range called 'Sorbet'...just love it! 

Anyway, it's all cut out and ready to be made up into a sweet pillowcase dress.

What's happening in your creative world this week?
So many busy creative types sharing their projects over here.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Girls Tees

So I've been going a bit mad with my screen printing bug...

My fingers itch to print on days when time has just not allowed it.

On Sunday afternoon, I was fortunate enough to have some time, and I went a little nuts, printing on little girls tees, and bigger girls strappy tank tops.

After much sketching and deliberating and playing, I have decided on printing these four designs for the upcoming market season, on a variety of coloured cotton tops for girls up to size 12. (I have boy designs planned too - just not yet!)

Here they are :

Sweet Tweet Bird

Daisy Girl

Dandelion Wishes

 Tree Swirls

So, my dear blog readers - what do you think?
Do you have a favourite?
Would you like any of these designs on a tote bag?

I would love any feedback, if you have time.

Hope your weeks are going fabulously!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grateful for....a quiet week

After having a lot on my plate over the last few weeks, this week was so very needed.

A quiet week at home, a to-do list I could work on but didn't have to, and not a lot of running around - it's been fantastic.

So things I'm grateful for :

1 - A sleeping toddler. The mostly quiet week at home has been great for both Levi and I. Levi has been having a two hour nap each morning, which allows me to get the house sorted and do a little creating. And he has been a much happier child for it, and that, in turn, has made our days so much more relaxing.

2 - Catching up with friends - you know the type of friends where you can just hang out over a coffee and the conversation flows easily, as does the laughter? Good times.

3 - Creative time. Finally working on what's been in my sketchbooks and brain, and loving it!

Joining in with Maxabella Loves and Kymmie from A Day in the Life of Us - why not pop over and play along too?


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Creative Space : Playing with Prints

Well, I've definitely been attacked by the screen printing bug, not bitten, attacked - I love it!

I've been working on mostly some t-shirt designs this week, some turning out, others not but hey, that's what the learning process is all about, right? And thanks to some tips from Lamina and Jude (thanks ladies!), I think I've got the supercolour ink working a bit better for me, thank goodness.


This one here is actually on a tote bag, and I went a little crazy with felt and some stitching. The owl print actually worked a lot better on this one, than on the owl on the t-shirt above.

Anyway, this tote bag is heading off to a friend today - hope she likes it!

And I've got a sweet tweet bird almost cut out and ready to test print - I'm thinking in aqua blue with some white details...

What are you up to in your creative world?
Take a peek into some fabulous creative spaces over here. As always, the inspiration is amazing!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alannah's 'Kyoko'

A finished project - woo hoo!

This is Alannah's Modkids 'Kyoko' dress, which I finished last week. All in all, it wasn't as complicated as I had anticipated (which is usually the way with me...procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate then finally do it and find out it's not so bad :-P) and came together without too many issues at all.

I love the way the Modkid patterns are written - just thought I'd put that out there for any other fellow pattern-following friends.

So, anyhow, here 'tis....

Any special projects playing on your mind at the moment? Do you procrastinate like me?


Monday, September 5, 2011

Honey Ginger Chicken Wings - A Crowd Pleaser

On the weekend, we hosted a family get together for Rohan's parents 44th wedding anniversary, and I cooked a lot of things - meat dishes, desserts and a salad.

Amongst all the yummy food was a dish that my mum used to make for our family gatherings, when I was a kid, and from memory, they disappeared just as quickly then as they did yesterday!

So I thought I'd share this super yummy chicken dish today...

Honey Ginger Chicken Wings

Ingredients :
500g chicken wings or wingettes
30g butter, melted
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon worchestshire sauce
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 chicken stock cube, crumbled
1/3 cup water
1 teaspoon cornflour
salt and pepper 

How to :

* Place wings into greased baking dish
* Brush chicken wings with butter
* Bake uncovered in a moderate oven for 25 minutes
* Combine in saucepan :
   honey, soy sauce, worchestshire sauce, lemon juice, ginger, stock cube, water combined with cornflour,
   salt and pepper
* Stir over medium heat until sauce boils and thickens
* Pour sauce over chicken wings and continue cooking until wings are golden brown and tender.
   (approx anothr 25 minutes)


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Simple Pleasures

* Homemade pancakes with fresh strawberries & cream - yum!
* A cup of coffee - much needed
* A hug from my love - always wanted
* Kids happily playing


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Creative Space : Sketches

This week I've been doodling, trying to decide on what I want to screen print in the coming weeks.
I've got pages of designs, some will be too complicated to print for the moment, but others are definitely do-able. I'm hoping to mix some of the tees up, with added embellishments like buttons and fabric. It's going to be fun to play!

So here are a couple of my drawings...

And this one here, is for my computer genius brother-in-law...

What sort of things do you like to see printed onto t-shirts (both kids & grown ups) and tote style bags? I would love to know!

Maybe you would like to enjoy the abundance of creative spaces found over here?


PS : Yay!! Spring is here!