Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Tardis, Slurm and Brain Slugs..oh yes

Ok, next up from the Sci Fi party - food and decor..

Danielle was THE Cardboard Queen, making up sci fi portals & a robot from left over flatpack boxes.

We had the Stargate..

The Tardis, which was our front door, of course...

And a Doctor Who favourite, K9, the robot dog...

And a small reference to 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'...

And onto the food!..

Popplers (these were a combo of chicken bites, cheese balls and some sort of seafood ball)

Planet the raspberry licorice didn't work so well with the chocolate oreo cake pops, flavourwise, BUT they did look good, and that is the main thing, right? :-P

Glagnars Human Rinds (Prawn crackers)..

A Futurama favourite, Slurm (Mountain Dew soft drink)

Dalek cupcakes...a combo of chocolate cake, marshmellows, caramel chocolate sticks, white choc dots and a whole lot of chocolate buttercream icing....mmmmm, yum! But oh so sweet.

Brain Slug cupcakes - fondant slugs made by me (such fun!) and a couple of cans of strawberry icing squiggled on to represent brains...

Blue Sun reference from Firefly - noodle boxes filled with mini dim sims, mini spring rolls and prawn cakes.

Bachelor Chow - Malteasers

So...lots of yummy food and fun decor - I'm still finding smudges of blue paint on my door frame from the not-quite-dry tardis, and all the cupcakes are finally gone thanks to popping them in my kids lunch boxes (had to get them out of the hard to resist :-P).

Dressed up adults still to come.

All photos taken by my super talented sister Danielle - you can check out more of her work over here too.



  1. so much detail- especially in the food! you did a fantastic job!

  2. That is my perfect party! OMG for Blue Sun and Slurm, you did such an amazing job on the graphics!

  3. Awesome!!! LOVE it all especially the dalek and brain slug cupcakes! What a great party!

  4. You can't 'copyright' a party can you?? Because I'm totally stealing this idea!! After bubs is born though, to much to do for now :)

  5. awhh! taht is so fantastic! i love the glagnar's human rinds! what fun!

  6. love it, love it, love it!!!


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