Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The lovely Lamina from the 'Do A Bit' blog has passed on the 'Versatile Blogger Award' to me, which is just so sweet - thank you!

So basically now I'm suppose to write 10 things about myself, and then nominate a couple more bloggers to award this to...doesn't sound too tricky, right?

Ok, here goes...10 things....hmmmmm....

* Step by step, ooh baby, gonna get to you girl, Step by step, ooh baby, really want you in my world...Ok, that's enough now :-P So I used to be a HUGE, GINORMOUS New Kids On The Block fan. I think from about 10 - 12, everything was about New Kids, and of course, in particular, my favourite New Kid - Jordan. I even named my little dwarf rabbit after him - nothing obvious, of course, but his middle name 'Marcel' - yes, I was obsessed :-P

And just for old times sake..a video clip...c'mon, you know you want to watch it...he he..

* I'm originally from South Australia (and have the accent to prove it, apparently), a suburb called Mount Barker, in the Adelaide Hills. It used to be quaint and smallish, now's it been taken over in a major suburban sprawl, and isn't as lovely as it used to be, unfortunately. I think the real turning point for me was when they demolished the old farmhouse at the end of my parent's street for a new estate. I know things need to move on and up, but surely not at the cost of character?

* I followed my heart to Melbourne, when I was 19, and have been here ever since, and the man who held my heart then, still holds it now x

* The Mighty Datsun 120Y - my first car - $750, smurf blue, cow print seat covers - awesome!

* Current favourite CD's : Adele - both 19 & 21, Seeker Lover Keeper, Alanis Morrisette - Jagged Little Pill (a bit of reminiscing to this one), and I've just got the new Eddie Vedder CD but need to get some time to listen to it properly. I love music!

* I find Edward Monkton hilarious, sometimes sweet and definitely quirky....

* I've dabbled in so many crafts over the years - knitting, crochet, sewing, softies, scrapbooking, stamping, mosaics, embroidery, cross-stitch, painting and I'm sure there is more BUT I still want to learn screen-printing, quilting and cake decorating, and I really want to learn it soon.

* My hubby read me the entire 'Lord of The Rings' in our first year of marriage - isn't that sweet? And I promise I was awake for nearly all of it :-P

* Hello, my name is Kelly and I am addicted to Pinterest. It's been 18 hours, 22 minutes and 54 seconds since my last pin...he he

* I learnt the clarinet and the viola when I was a child/teen, and I wish I could remember how now.

My goodness, now that took me forever to think of 10 things :-P

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Back soonish


  1. ha ha ha.. great list!! My little Max loves to dance to that NKOTB song... he wiggles his little butt.. so funny!
    I think I need to go to Pinterest Anonymous :D
    and WOW... the whole Lord of the Rings" that's impressive and sooooo romantic!!

  2. Oooh! Thank you!!! Now I'll have to think of ten things too! :) (and.. Jase and I still put NKOTB on sometimes and dance around with the kids.. eek!)

  3. Well now we now so much more about you! I must check out this pinterest
    today and i would like to try screen printing too : )

  4. Hey Kel, I laughed at half of this.
    I love that your man read you the Lord Of the Rings in the first year. Im gonna get Bren to read me to sleep tonight just for kicks
    Even if its the bible, haha, x

    ps Ill teach you to quilt my way one day. Youll never look back, promise

  5. oh dear- you knew his middle name??...I thought Jeremy Jordan was gonna make this list:))
    I would love to do screen printing too! ...and your lil' S.A accent is great!!

  6. Now that's brought back some memories...I used to play that song over and over...couldn't get enough of it!! I sooo wanted to be one of those girls in the video clip, lol!

    Datsun 120Y...I had one in yellow - also my first car!! :)


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