Thursday, August 4, 2011

Creative Space : Print Play

I finally did it!

Last week, my friend Kate and I (and Levi!) went to the Melbourne Craft & Quilt fair and did a one hour screen printing workshop with the lovely Louise Snook.

And I loved it!!

My first ever screen print was this, a tea towel :

And of course, I just had to buy the starters kit, so that I could play at home.

So yesterday, I played...

Miss Alannah was quite happy with her new t-shirt, as was I.

This screen printing thing could become quite addictive...yes, I think so.

Lovely creative people sharing their weeks over here.


  1. Wow, what a great result!
    I really want to do a screen printing class now too! :)

  2. I did one last year, it was so much fun :) Did you know you can make your own screens with sheer fabric and a picture frame? Or even an embroidery hoop - that way you can actually paint a design in shellac to reuse :) I'd love to know where to get a starter kit from, so much fun :)

  3. They look gorgeous!! Screen printing is so satisfying and it IS terribly addictive! Enjoy :)

  4. how great does that look! looks like you are going to be having a lot of fun!x

  5. I love your screen prints! - that red tree is fantastic. Wish I'd made it along to the class...

  6. You obviously have a great affinity for the process because those designs are fantastic! Looking forward to watching your progress!

  7. i have so often thought about doing this. i love your prints

  8. Oh, very pretty, especially the red love hearts on the tree. I have a son named Levi too!

  9. I always wanted to try screenprinting- so, you go girl! well done!
    love all of the print and looking forward to see what you create next
    Happy CS-Thursday

  10. So on my crafty bucket list! Your screen prints look beautiful:) Cyndy


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