Thursday, July 14, 2011

Creative Space : Colourful Ruffles

Ok, so maybe this was finished a couple of weeks ago, but I did only photograph it today :-P

Here it is - my crochet ruffled scarf...

The original pattern is a free Lion Brand Yarn Pattern, which looks like this...

I made it an extra 100 chain stitches longer, so it would wrap around my neck and still leave plenty to hang, and I also made it one row wider. The yarn I used is one of those spiffy ones that has colours merge into another, all throughout the ball, and it took almost two balls to make.

The verdict is still out on this one, for me. The colours are pretty, but not sure if they are really me, and ditto with the ruffles...

Hmm, have you ever made something for yourself that didn't turn out quite how you pictured it in your head? Or that does resemble how you pictured it, but just doesn't work on you?

Oh well, it was fun to make something different.

Plenty of creative, crafty, sweet people over here.



  1. Pretty! Love the colors of your scarf.

  2. I absolutely love the colours.. I think it looks gorgeous :) I am always adjusting the patterns... there is always something that is just not quite right!! Somtimes I get it wrong but it looks like you got it totally spot on:)

  3. I love it! It's so much prettier with some colour than it is in grey on the 'model' picture you included!

  4. hm, i think i know what you mean about making something for yourself and not being sure about it after it's finished. i always have this "but i have to wear it, i spent so much time making it" in my head.
    anyhow, i quite like the scarf on you actually!

  5. Gorgeous scarf, I love the colours!

  6. It is beautiful. I love the colours you have used. I'm hoping to start a knitting type class that is being run at my local community house. I might be able to even make a scarf soon. xxx

  7. It's beautiful.
    Yours is so much nicer than the one on the pattern!

    And really great colours that will go with anything... and it looks so soft.

  8. Although I think the scarf came out really nicely, I do know what you mean.
    I sewed a pair of pants once, thinking it would be easy. (I'm an absolute beginner, so no, not easy!) My mom helped me quite a bit and it ended up looking really nice and it fit me relatively well. Problem was: since I was just "testing it out" I didn't use a fabric I liked (went for cheap), it was boring looking. So in the end I only used the pants as pajamas...

  9. I have made HEAPs of these using that very pattern - I just can't stop!
    Thanks for reminding me, I haven't blogged any of them yet!

  10. Just to put it in writing- I LOVE that scarf!

  11. OMG your scarf is gorgeous. Love the colours


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