Thursday, July 7, 2011

Creative Space : PJ's & Puff

I've decided I need a new crochet challenge. I've made so many beanies these past few months, that now I think I need to move on, and learn to make something new.

So that's what I've been working on. New things..

First up, I gave Sarah London's fancy heart pattern a go - it's so sweet, and was really quite easy.

And I've decided to give this crochet blanket a go, after being inspired by my creative friend Nadya with her funky crochet blanket. I bought this pattern quite a while ago, but was a bit intimidated by the puff stitch. And now that I've tried it, it was with good reason I was intimidated :-P

It is quite an uncomfortable stitch but I love the look of it, so have decided to persevere and hopefully it will end up as a completely beautiful blanket, and worth every minute put into it. The pattern is from Alicia Poulson.

And on a more practical note, this last week saw me whip up 4 pairs of pyjamas for my two older ones, and my niece and nephew, in the theme of heart & flowers, butterflies, robot aliens and pirates. Feels good to have these off my to-do list.

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  1. That looks awesome Kelly- can't wait to see it put together xox

  2. The crochet looks great.... the blanket will look gorgeous! It is really good to get a few things off the to do list... Very cool pj's :)

  3. I love how youre doing new things. I wish i was. That blanket looks like it will be worth every minute. Keep going I say! x

  4. the blanket looks like it'll be quite some work but i'm sure it'll turn out great!


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