Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sci Fi Kidlets

On the weekend, Roh and I (with fantastic help from my sis Dan) threw a TV Sci Fi Dress Up party. I'll probably end up doing about 3 posts about it - kids, decor & food and adults - so just a pre-warning :-P

First up - the kids!

Alannah was Padme Amidala from the tv cartoon series Star Wars 'The Clone Wars'..

Sienna was Kaylee Frye from 'Firefly'..

Jude was a Dalek (yep that was a dalek costume I was working on in last week's creative space)

Ash was Captain Avery from a recent 'Doctor Who' episode...

Cedar was Nibbler from 'Futurama'...isn't he adorable?..

And Levi was another Star Wars 'The Clone Wars' character..the ever cheeky robot R2-D2..

So cute, and so fun!

Now, if I could only sleep for the next week to get over all the prep work and the actual party, that would be fab....he he



  1. OMG those costumes are AWESOME!!! What lucky ducky kids! They must have had the best time!! Dressing up is just too much fun :)

  2. OH MY WORD!!!!! You guys are unbelievable!! So creative and talented!
    Such a shame you live on the other side of this planet. Although, by looking at these pictures, I'm really not sure which planet you're from, haha! :)

  3. You have done such an amazing job on these!!! I am astounded!!!

  4. OH WOW!! The level of detail is AMAZE-ing! And how gorgeous is little Nibbler!

  5. omg!!!! these are sooooo fantastic.! I don't know which one is best!!!!
    SSSSOOOOOO fantastic!!

  6. you guys are amazingly creative, i'm so inspired for dress-up parties in the future! levi is especially adorable :))
    can't wait to see the adults!

  7. Super cool - I see our families watch all the same shows ;) I'll be sure not to show Zander these pics cos there's no way I can compete with all that crafty cleverness xxx


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