Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creative Space : Crochet Puffs

In between sci fi party preps, I've been slowly plugging away at my puffy circle crochet squares.

I'm loving how they look, and can't wait to block them out, and turn them into a blanket (which is still awhile off yet :-P). The colour scheme is teals, greys, pinks, a splash of watermelon and a touch of pale latte, with white outers. So far, which is 8 full squares, and 4 more circles, I'm not sick of the colour scheme, and I'm trying to not over-think the combos for the circles.

What are you working on at the moment?

Creativity abounds over at these spaces.

Ooh, and just realised my last post was #600..obviously I've been rattling on for quite some time now :-P. Am thinking a give-away may be due...will be back with that when I figure out what.



  1. I love your little puff circles and the colour scheme is beautiful! Congrats on your 600th post Woo hoo :)

  2. They look great... you know the round ones would make awesome coasters - perhaps for Xmas presents?

  3. These look really good! Love the colour combination!

  4. Beautiful squares!!Colours look very pretty!!

  5. These are gorgeous - love your colours! And their puffiness!

  6. I just popped over from someone elses blog because I thought you had a cool name :) What a lovely blog you have, I'm glad I found you.

  7. Just lovely. Colours are super - know what you mean about not over thinking on the colour combos. Enjoy your weekend.


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