Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday Night Bake Up

Awesome : Doing a bulk lot of baking to last the week, for the family, with Roh

Sunday nights are our weekly food prep nights. Sometimes it's only a cake and fruit jelly, and other times it's like last night...

First up I made up the jelly (this week Green Apple flavour) and added half a tin of two fruits - pear and peach. The kids love it, and it's so much more economical than buying it already prepared...(about $2.00 for six serves vs $4.50 for 4 serves when pre-made). Another bonus is it's better for the environment, being sent to school in re-usable Tupperware, instead of disposable plastic tubs...:-P

And Roh made another batch of Coconut Jam Slice, which he just loves to eat, and make, which is great!

The Choc Chip Cookies were a joint effort - I started them, Roh finished combining all the ingredients, then Roh balled them up, while I topped off with the extra choc chips - yum!

And here's another family favourite - Nigella's Banana Bread. I made up two loaves of this, due to a bargain bag of bananas from the market. Exceptionally yummy with a swipe of butter.

And this one is actually a packet Chocolate cake, although I did make the icing from scratch. As you can see, it won't last long in this house!

In between these things, I also made up a slab of lasagne (3 meals worth for our family of 4) and Roh made up a bowl of Bruschetta mix, ready to go. Mmm, the smell of fresh basil is amazing.

Did I make you hungry? .... he he


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