Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going Cushion Crazy

Awesome : Getting some long overdue cushions made for our couch

So out of these 5 cushions, I made 4 of them (the orange with white vine cushion is flocked and shop bought). I mostly used the Saffron Craig fabrics I purchased a little while ago, with a bit of cord and cotton drill for the backs of the cushions.

I also used a screen print panel that I purchased last year at the Craft & Quilt Fair - the eye chart print on linen is by the talented Aunty Cookie.

I still want to make a couple more for the lounge, as well as a couple of floor cushions. And I'm really enjoying sewing at the moment, so I've got a bit of a list of things to create including clothes for the kids, bunting for Levi's corner, soft toys and probably some more things that I just cant think of at the moment :-P

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