Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Local Billy Cart Race Day

Awesome : Spending some time among our local community, watching the mostly home-made Billy Cart's race down our main street

This morning we headed to our little main street and met up with Nathan, Reeze, Bodie and Michael to watch the races.

Roh has a keen interest in the history of the Dandenong Ranges, especially Upwey, as he has lived here for over half his life, so when we saw the Historical Society set up with a stall, he became quickly involved in a chat with an elderly man, about the old roads, and where they used to go. He also just loves to look at the photos :-)

Lana, Jude and Bodie enjoyed watching the races, especially when Alannah saw a couple of her school mates race.

Isn't he cute? This is Jack, one of Alannah's school mates, in his first heat, about third race in.

And some more shots of my adorable nephew Bodie...

I think the plan is for our family to enter a billy cart (or two, apparently) into next year's races...I've been told a Star Wars inspired Tie Fighter billy cart and a X-Wing billy cart, are the way to go....we'll see :-P

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  1. Anton has wanted to do it for a while now..Its a great day isnt it? But I forgot it was on yesterday!!!! Love your new camera...your photos are just awesome.


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