Friday, March 5, 2010

Little Creations

Awesome : Sewing - making cute gifts

I've been sewing this week, both hand and machine, and have finished these two little things off.

This one is a Melly & Me pattern called "Phoebe", and she will be on her way to baby Noah very soon, I hope.

And here's another one out of the Nelly Pailloux 'Felties' book, which featured in an earlier post this week (I think!). This is 'Messenger Bear' - Alannah picked it out and then gave it to her cousin Sienna on Wednesday. Very little and very cute...

Now I should really get onto the 'must do' items on my sewing list such as throw cushions for the couch, and a bunting for Levi. Let's see how today pans out, hey?


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