Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Creative Space

This week I thought I'd share a few of the projects I'm working on. I'm still going on the blanket-stitched vine on the knitted baby blanket, but I've a few more things on the go too...

I started this little ankle boot yesterday, for my adorable nephew Cedar, although when I measured his foot this morning, it's too small, so I will have to start again, with a bigger sized hook I think, because the wool is really thick...I'm new to crochet so any suggestions are always welcome :-P.

Pattern bought from etsy shop Mon Petit Violon..

I've got a nice little collection of fabrics going, for a re-vamp of a timber chest of drawers for Levi, whose arrival date is getting close. I think this is on tomorrow's to-do list with my sis, DQ.

And yesterday, my lovely crafty friend Rach gave me two flannels, a baby bonds singlet and some Michael Miller cowboy fabric to play with for Levi, so I think some applique will be happening very soon...

Lots more sharing of creative spaces over here....why not play along too?

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  1. hi Kelly
    i tend to use a bigger hook than i would for knitting when i crochet-although it depends on the yarn. For wool ive discovered a 6mm is best for me and cotton (which im just starting to use) is a 4.5- 5.5- still experimenting with the cotton. i think its a little bit of trail and error, and also depends on the project. i think for booties i would go a little smaller, but a hat slightly larger. im sure my waffle wont help you at all :P

    good luck


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