Friday, March 19, 2010

Identity Crisis

Well, maybe not a crisis, but a quirkiness, that's for sure. And no, not me, but my darling boy Jude.

It all started a few weeks ago, when he introduced himself, to a new child at the playground, as Luke Skywalker. Both Roh and I found this rather amusing (and still do), especially when this child runs up to Jude yelling 'Hey Luke, Luke' and receives a blank look from me for a moment before I twig. Kids are amusing, what can I say?
Well, he's added two more names to his A.K.A status - they are Ben10 (even though I think he's only seen the show maybe once!) and Anakin (yep, another Star Wars reference).

It's getting to quite a funny stage, where his kinder teacher tries to guess what name he is going by, each session he goes too, and I'm sure he finds this quite encouraging :-). I think this photo just sums it's on the back of a paper plate jelly-fish that he made a couple of weeks ago at kinder ....What a crack up!

Enjoy your Friday xx

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  1. what an imagination ... he sounds like a total crack up.


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