Sunday, March 7, 2010

"It's Massive" said Jude

A storm cell ripped through Melbourne yesterday afternoon, causing flooding and damage in a wide-spread area. Jude kept saying "it's massive" through-out the storm yesterday, and being the little boy that he is, he couldn't help sticking his arm out of the window to feel the rain, even though he'd been asked to stay away from the windows. Just so curious.

We were fortunate, in that only our cars have suffered hail damage (Dad - we may need to book our cars in to see you next time we are in SA :-P...for once the dents aren't my, and Roh's windscreen was cracked. Poor Dan & Ben had 4 of their house windows smashed, and 1 extra cracked, which is why I think we are fortunate.

This picture is at the bottom of our property - usually it's a running creek, but this picture shows it completely breaking it's banks...crazy's back to normal this morning though.

Will be back later with some more creative projects. I'm in the process of doing those couch cushions on my to-do list.

Happy Sunday

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  1. Terrible chickie! Glad ur ok and no major damage. Must have been a bit scary by the sound of it. C x


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