Sunday, October 31, 2010

Love Me Some Quotes

I am a huge fan of inspirational, sometimes funny and feel-good quotes, and love to see them in prints, on housewares, on jewellery...lots of places I went for a bit of a search on Etsy and Made It and have a few fun and lovely ones to share on this rainy Sunday morning.

A lovely Winnie The Pooh quote from Raw Art Letter Press
Aunty Cookie's very cool tote bag

Dazey Chic has a lot of cute and sweet quote art, including this one.

Beatles Song Lyrics on a pendant..very cool...from Texas Girl Designs

And just for us coffee drinkers...this made me giggle...from Snappy Mirrors

Stay snuggly x


  1. LOL! love that coffee quote. you're right, quotes are so inspirational!

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