Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bags, Bags, Bags....And a Giveaway!

Ok, so wow, my 500th goes....

First up, some photo sharing of the progress I have made on my friend's Amy Butler Weekender Bag, which has been going amazingly smoothly so far (dare I say it)...even the zip :-P

Preparing the cording...

The main panels with large front pockets and handles, all ready...

Zip all done...

I'm pretty happy with my progress. I have completed 10 out of the 13 steps so not long now and I'll have a finished 'weekender bag' to show, and my friend will finally get a hold of it too :-)

Also, last week I finished up 3 new totes...


Robot Camp
Streets of Paris
All available now in my Made It shop for $25.

Now for the giveaway....I will make the winner of the random draw either a tote bag or a little handbag in the colour mix of your choice (you can also pick what type of bag too!), all you have to do is this...

* Become a fan (or 'like') Polkadot Lane on Facebook
* Become a follower/subscriber of On Polkadot Lane

and then leave a comment on this post. Or if you are already a fan on Facebook, or a follower on this blog then just comment away. Easy!

I will draw a winner on Sunday night...may the craft be with you ;-)


  1. Fabulous bags. I love the little bird one - so sweet!

  2. That weekender bag looks perfect... hmmm... ;)

  3. As usual, i love your work. Bags are looking ace hun :-)

  4. Your work is always so beautifully finished! Can't wait to see the weekender bag :)

  5. Such a clever chookie ;D the weekender bag looks awesome Kell..hugs xxx

  6. If I wasn't so full of baby, I'd be jumping out of my skin at that Weekender Bag! I am so excited about it and Kell, you look like you are doing it way to easy! Maybe I need to find you a harder challenge next time? Look forward to packing it full of "stuff"... Also love the other bags you made - so hard to pick a favourite, they all have their own adorable quirks and $25 is a steal. So glad I didn't see these before the weekender bag or decisions about fabrics would have been all the harder. From someone who cannot sew a hole in a sock, I bow to you! Kylie

  7. great totes Kelly!! love all the sewing you've been doing lately!

  8. Done!! All of the above. I love your blog and your robot tote!! WOnderful wonderful wonderful!!

    xo Steph

  9. oh I have long admired the weekender bag... Your little birdie tote is very sweet!

  10. I found you via Kirsty's Creative Space - I've been lurking around all the amazing blogs on there for the last few weeks. It is very addictive and immensely inspiring! I love your songbird tote, and the weekender bag (gorgeous red print) on your blog looks fabulous.

  11. I'm sure I've posted on your blog before and I can't believe I have become a follower before .. all done now. I love the choices on offer. Fingers crossed ... for me, course! LOL

  12. Can't believe I missed my chance of winning. Story of my life, haha :)


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