Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Touch of Railway History

Serviceton is a tiny railway town on the SA/Vic border, situated between the main stops of Bordertown and Dimboola. This railway station was built in the late 1800's and closed in 1986. Only a handful of residents still live in this remote little place.

When we stopped by, we were lucky enough to have Ron, one of the locals who is also on the Railway Committee, give us a tour of the station. He was full of lots of interesting tidbits about the station. (interesting fact : Vic Tracks leases this building to the locals who run it via a committee)

It's a beautiful old building which is currently undergoing renovations. Lots of potential here, don't you think?

Apparently they are starting to hire it out for private functions such as weddings and engagement parties. I can imagine it looking quite magical with fairy lights, candles and fresh flowers. And the photos you would have....amazing.

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  1. What a great spot, and I agree, it would make a magical venue for a party!


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