Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Clumsy Crocheter Alert!

Now, this is what happens when multi-tasking turns around and bites you in the bottom - an injury! Obviously it's not a major injury by any means, but it did warrant a hand to the cheek and some muttering of 'ow, ow, ow, ow and ow' and of course, a smidgeon of sympathy from my dear hubby was essential :-P...

Now you may be asking 'how ?'... well, I was watching a movie with Roh, while assembling my crochet vintage rose baby blanket (yay - finally!) with an overstitch, thus the needle, and was too focused on the movie and the actual crochet in my lap to pay any attention to where my right hand was going with the needle, and this is the result - whoops! And again - ow! :-P

Ok...moving on.

I've been doing a bit of making this long weekend...how about you?

Saturday arvo I put this fabric basket together. The original pattern made minimal sense, so I went ahead and figured it out myself. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but next time I would use a stiffer interfacing so it would sit up a bit better, and make it a little shorter. But this one does fit my patterns in it nicely :-)

I also finished off this repurposed handbag for a customer and friend. The outer fabric is from a knitted shawl that I picked up at an op shop, lined in cotton, and finished off with a crochet flower brooch. It has that spring feel, don't you think?

And lastly, this project has been taking up most of my spare minutes these last two days. It's for an adorable little girl who is about to become a big sister and it's nearly finished. And I have finally mastered the french knot using this tutorial at Sublime Stitching.

Pattern taken from the 'Kaleidoscope' book by Melly & Me.

Clumsy Crafter signing off...he he


  1. Three gorgeous projects - I particularly like that little... what is it exactly.. a cat? baby seal? no ears but a little flower instead. Just so sweet.

  2. oh, ouch!

    i love that fabric inside the bag and on the handles... very 70ies!


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