Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Creative Space..

is just a little chaotic at the moment.

With the Mulgrave Makers Market looming on Sunday, I've been madly sewing between mum duties and life duties. My crafting nook and kitchen bench are both buried under fabric, wool, pins, interfacing, brooch get the idea :-P

Things are coming along but I may be pulling a couple of wee hour bedtimes over the next couple of nights. My sweet hubby has offered to do some cutting of fabric to help me out, so I might get him working a bit tonight too.

Here is one of the bags that will be for sale at the market - repurposed from a jumper, with full lining and a crochet flower on a brooch pin (for use elsewhere, or relocation on the bag, or whatever you like really).

There are a few new bag styles that will be at the market too...but back to the grind for me....after I put dinner on, of course :-P

So many more fabulous creative spaces over at Kirsty's this week, including my super creative sis-in-law Reeze.

Maybe I'll see you Sunday?



  1. Oh, I love your caotjic space..and the bag is so nice! Eva

  2. Wishing you luck at the Mulgrave Makers Market! I love that red and pink fabric in the top pic.

  3. All the very best with the markets , love your bag !

  4. drat! my first post didn't work. must be time for me to go to bed.

    just wanted to say that your bags are all beautiful and good luck with all your busy busy making over the next couple of nights!

  5. Your bags are gorgeous, Kelly! And how lovely is your hubby to cut fabric for you :-) The market looks great, I hope it's a huge success for you!


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