Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Little Bit of Cuteness...

to start the day.

Levi keeping me company while I folded loads (and loads!) of clean washing.

Will be back with some photos from the market, as well as some fab blog links of stall-holders I met there :-)



  1. He is so gorgeous, makes my heart melt.

  2. there is something about loads of clean washing. it floods my house. i can take dirty clothes, because they're in the bin and go straight into the washing mashine and then on the line. but clean washing? it's hanging on the stand, it's piling on the floors and sofa, this act of folding and putting away somehow always seems to be a little too much :-P
    ok, the ramblings of a stay/work at home mum. your little boy is gorgoeous kelly!! i LOVE his hair. dan will have a little something in the post soon and that robot vest i bought in the US for you the exact day that levi was born is in it!
    ok, this is like the longest comment ever. sorry about that.
    have a fantastic day!


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