Monday, May 7, 2012

The Weekend that was..

I'm sure plenty of you have been in this position before.
We had a full weekend planned - visiting family, an assembly, general family out-and-aboutness
And then someone gets sick...really sick
Our poor little Jude started up with a stomach bug on Friday night, and it just kept on going.
So out went all of our family plans, and Roh handled them mostly solo, or with Lana as sidekick.
Which left me at home with the two boys, and a whole lot of time.

So I...
Made some chocolate macaroons for Rohan to take with him, to visit family

I crocheted up a beanie

I put the finishing touches on this crochet hat, for my niece

I finished off a module in my online course

 And I started a new knitting project.

And if anyone has any tips of knitting with a magic loop - I'd love to hear!

How was your weekend?



  1. My goodness... you were productive! No time wasting there at all :) Hope Jude is feeling better... it's no fun for them when they are sick.. poor little ting :(

  2. we had our assembly day too! but gladly, nobody got sick. hope little Jude is better very very soon, and that nobody else catches the bug. Hugs xx

  3. we had great weather, so we could let the girls we were kid-sitting play in the pool, get them nicely worn out before sending them home.


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