Thursday, May 24, 2012

Creative Space : Meh. Snuh. Bah.

I think these words are actually a 'Simpsons' reference, but these words are something hubby and I have joked about over the years...the words to use when yes or no just doesn't quite convey the feeling you want, and sometimes when you just aren't sure what to answer or what you want...

Meh. Snuh. Bah.

Anyway, yesterday for a giggle, I screen printed 'Meh.' onto a t-shirt for hubby...

Now he's popped in a request for 'snuh.'...he he

Creative people a-plenty over here..



  1. Ha ha ha... very funny! It's great to be able to personalize things with screen printing hey!

  2. Nice. I like these 3 letters together, they look good. What's more is the curiosity it will create when he wears it out.


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