Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creative Space : Cake Thingys

So Alannah had a 'Singstar/Karaoke' party on the weekend - 12 girls aged between 7 - 13 (and one very enthusiastic auntie).....
loud - oh my yes!
fun had by all - definitely!

Anyhow, I'd seen these new versions of a cake pop online, and really wanted to give them a go myself.  Fortunately while wandering around a new local party supply/dessert bar supply shop in Tecoma - Little Dance - I found the little push up gizmos needed to make them - yay!

Here's how I put them together :

First up, I made up one vanilla buttercake and one chocolate cake.
Using the cake do-flicky as a cutter, I went around the cakes and cut out 10 cylinders of cake, per cake.
Then I sliced those cylinders of cake in half, to make two discs of cake.

Then it was the fun part.
First I layered it with a couple of teaspoons of sprinkles.
Then the chocolate cake piece.
Then berry buttercream.
Then the vanilla cake piece.
Topped off with chocolate buttercream and little heart sprinkles.

Fiddly, but not hard, and a HUGE hit at the party - with the adults as well as the kids!

Many more creative spaces over at their regular spot - I'm going to have a bit of a blog hop while I have a coffee.

Happy Thursday!


  1. These look fantastic -well done

  2. YUM!!! I bet there was none left at all :)

  3. I guess my invitation must have got lost in the mail! Such a bummer cos they look delicious!

  4. You're so clever! Were they messy to eat?

  5. I can understand why these were such a hit - they look amazing. Pity we can't taste them online!

  6. They look such fun, no wonder they were a big hit!

  7. They look so amazing! It is no surprise they were a big hit!


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