Friday, February 17, 2012

Pin It? Make It! : Peppermint Patties

Yay - it's Pin It? Make It! time again.

I thought for something different, I'd go with a baking making adventure this week but as my oven is currently broken, the choices were a little more limited...


my hubby loves mint flavoured things so when I saw 'Peppermint Patties' pinned a couple of times throughout my food board, I thought 'let's do it'!

The filling recipe I had pinned from Sweetapolita, but I didn't want to coat them in a coloured candy mixture, so I went with the always yummy - dark chocolate..

which I had seen on another of my pins from the Saveur website.

They were a little fiddly to coat, and some are a little unorthodox in shape but other than that...

Any Pinterest pins inspired makings in your house lately? Why not link up and share with us'll be fun!



  1. Finally I have managed to make something that I pined Yay :)

  2. My mouth is literally watering.
    I think its the chocolate..
    I love this challenge but im not quite there yet still, x

  3. I had no idea you could make those at home... well, it's kind of obvious when I think about it :) Looks delicious!

    Somehow I cannot see who linked up, I already had that problem last week and thought it was just a fluke. But this week I cannot see the links again so I thought I'd let you know, since I might not be the only one.


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