Monday, February 13, 2012

My Place & Yours : On The Walls

"Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be"
our bedroom blackboard door

A painting by my super talented mum, inspired by one of my favourite artists - Henri Matisse -
waiting to be hung on my wall of clouds

our bathroom door people

and some fabulous art by people whom I love..
(photo art by my sister DQ and flower drawing by Alannah)

And as I've done a couple of 'wall' posts before, I wont repeat the images but  here are the links...
if you are interested :-) :

Playing along with Punky & Me...

and some other lovely bloggers sharing what's on their walls this week.



  1. That flower drawing is just so special. You have so many lovely things on your walls.

  2. LOVE the blackboard door, love it, I used to have a look that was totally blackboarded made for lots of fun and long vists. Love your blog so much I'm following you ;)

  3. Blackboard door! Little loo people! Eeep!

    Thanks so much for joining in - I LOVE your walls!

  4. thanks for showing us around! love all the artwork, and the bathroom people are super cute!

  5. adore the flower drawing ... thanks so much for sharing ... cheers

  6. Your bathroom door people are fab!

  7. It's always special to have art/creations by family and friends that you can hang on the walls or scatter around the room. Adds so much more meaning to the overall look.
    Your cloud wall looks amazing! Wish I could see more of it.
    I tried to look at your other wall links but for some reason all the images on them were broken. That's ok though cos I got to see these ones at least. :)

  8. I also love your bathroom door people and flower drawing - very pretty.


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