Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All The Little Details....

are what make an occasion all the more special, don't you think?

On the weekend, hubby and I went to the most gorgeous wedding. As someone who had helped with various things over the last month, it was just so lovely to see it all come together and epitomise what the bride had imagined and worked so hard to achieve.

I just thought I'd share a few of the little things that made the atmosphere so special...

 A laid-back wedding picnic

 A rustic ladder with picnic basket allocation hanging from it

 Sunflowers - such happy flowers!

 Umbrellas with doily bunting & paper lanterns

 Vintage loveliness & fresh flowers

 All you need is love, a blue combi van and a 'Mr & Mrs' bunting :-)

 Rustic buckets, glass jars with candles and fresh flowers

 A beautiful place to say 'I do'

 with a stunning view and the sun shining
and a glass of wine...or two

I wanted to be able to share photos of some more of the buntings I made, but it was too windy for the bunting flags to actually stop moving, so here is a shot of one of them I took across my living area windows...

Joining in with 'Make : Grow : Thrift' this week.



  1. The weather also looked perfect! I'm sure it was a special day for the bride & groom plus all the guests.
    Thank you for joining in this week.

  2. Oh Kel, that's such a sweet wedding - adding it to my list of things to do if I get married again (to the same person, of course!)

  3. This looks wonderful! It must've been such a happy day for everybody!

  4. I LOVE IT!! Weddings so should be like this, Its about the couple & their union not the money the fanfare that a lot of weddings are, so so gorgeous!

  5. Yes precious. Their memories. Thank you for sharing this idealic post. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  6. It looks like it came together fantastically! Love the buntings too xxo

  7. absolutely dreamlike! thanks for sharing! i think i'll steal that doily/scrap fabric bunting idea for our wedding anniversary, which we might celebrate with a very small circle of friends this year.

  8. what a beautiful wedding. I love the rustic baskets and all the handmade beauty.


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