Friday, February 3, 2012

Pin It? Make It! : Crochet Cloche Hat

So, it's no secret that I love to wear hats, so when I saw this pin, it appealed to me..

...imagining it in a dark charcoal grey or a deep blue or maybe a fresh grass green...yes, cute.

Anyhow, make it I did...

So, as you can see, my model is just a little person.. small problem : the hat didn't fit (and my head isn't huge :-P, just in case you're wondering..he he). Actually, when I followed the pattern with correct hook sizes, I couldn't even get it on Lana's head, so I unravelled it, and went up to a size 8mm hook (pattern calls for a 6.5mm for the braiding and brim) and this is the result..

Hmmmm...oh well

I don't know if crochet has tension issues to consider, and if it does, then maybe I'm a tight crocheter, and maybe my wool wasn't thick enough, but all in all, it is a cute hat, and I'm trying another one out in green, with larger sized hooks.
Again, I'll just say that it could be completely my fault that the sizing is out, and not the pattern writers.
Any suggestions, dear readers?

So, any Pinterest pins inspiring you to create? Maybe you feel like sharing?

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Happy Pinning!

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  1. i didn't MAKE anything as you did (in the sense of crafting), but i was again inspired by pinterest to sketch. that hat you made is lovely!


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