Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reality Check : Craft Nook Chaos

A good friend of mine pointed out that I only put up pictures on my blog, of the tidy, styled areas of my house, and not the general chaos that reigns on most days, which is true (and is what she sees more often than not :-P). I suppose it goes back to my childhood, and my mum's super clean & tidy way of life, that it's almost shameful to have mess and chaos, and then to photograph it and share it with the world..hmmm... Not that I believe that. Houses are to be lived in, and with young children, mess is just a part of life.

But sometimes it is nice to just believe for a moment that my house is styled, that my house is how I want it to be, and that my house is how I've always imagined it. I know it will get there...eventually...

Anyhow..moving on..

So I thought, why not? Why not show you my craft nook..that I've yet to actually craft craft nook that looks nothing like the image in my head....yet...

Mum..turn away will be mortified :-P xx

My craft area is approx 3m x 2m, and is currently full of boxes of fabrics, and other craft supplies. There is also Polkadot Lane stock, a half re-vamped retro display cabinet, our printer, and two shelving cupboards which are suppose to be living in our walk in robe..eventually...

This is my plan for my little creative nook..and I'm hoping to get to work on it next week, firstly by emptying it out, and secondly, by putting up the wallpaper.
(Eek!! I've never wallpapered before!)

Step by step, I will get it done, and it will look like the picture it in my head...

And then I'll be back here, showing you my styled up, neat & tidy craft nook...he he...well, it might be tidy but only until I actually use it :-P

What are your thoughts on blogs & reality posts? Do you like seeing styled up homes, or prefer the mess of the everyday? Or a bit of both?



  1. PHEw - its good to see LOL.... you're not seeing my mess though heheh.... xoxo Charmane

  2. I like seeing the background for people's stories, messy or neat. But sometimes I think people need to see some reality if they feel like others have airbrushed perfect lives. Reassurance.
    But I like to see things I would save as inspiration. Like your finished craft nook will be!

  3. I love to see styled home to get inspiration to try and get mine like that, but I also like to know that I am not alone with piles of stuff that lives in limbo because I haven't quite got round to putting it all away yet...,

  4. hehe- I can totally relate Kell... and I agree with Dani- a bit of both is great

  5. I love looking at 'before' and 'after' photos. I believe the bigger the mess to start with the better it will look in the after photo...or maybe that's just me...well...if you've seen how my craft room is looking lately you would know that's the excuse I'm sticking to anyway, lol!

    Good luck with the wallpapering, I bet it will look great! xx

  6. I totally agree that houses are for living in and I do like seeing photos of others peoples messy bits.. makes me feel a bit more normal.. thank you :) Your little craft nook is going to look SO excellent!! Can't wait to see it finished and I'm sure it will look like the image in your head :)


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