Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Do you remember that song, by Soul II Soul? It was a favourite at our parties when we were younger...very groovy..

Anyhow, this is the song that popped into my head when I started thinking about my next blog post.

Where have I been?

Good question...just a lovely trip to the Gold Coast with my family.

But before I post a few holiday happy snaps (in another blog episode), here is the reality I've come back to...

a good old super food shop..

Much unpacking and washing..

And back to the reality of the beautiful view from our living area window...

As much as I love getting away (oh sunshine, how I love thee!), it's always great to come home, to our little corner of the world.

Are you a homebody too? Or would you be happy to travel, travel, travel?


  1. I've got that song in my head now :) I think it's great to get back to your own bed after a holiday.. you always have the best night sleep! Love your lounge room view... you lucky ducky!! :)

  2. I'm an absolute a good holiday away every once in while but it's always sooo nice to come home! xx

  3. homebody, homebody, homebody! Its the Mr thats the traveller. He has to drag me everywhere, poor guy.
    Looks like you enjoy grocery shopping more than me too, x

  4. Homebody, yes!! There's no place like home. Love a holiday, but I love home more!!

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  6. I am definitely a homebody, but my husband is not. It makes our life interesting finding a balance between the two. Happy unpacking


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