Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cheeky Boy

It's been awhile since I did a 'Levi' update, so here goes...

* is 16 months old
* has adorable bed hair in the morning...look at that little curl...awww...

* can say words such as 'mum', 'dad', 'oh wow', 'this' and many more mumblings that we are yet to figure out
* is a climber
* loves fruit especially bananas, strawberries and apple
* loves bath time
* is sleeping through most nights (yay!)
* is into absolutely everything!
* loves standing over the vacuum cleaner while the warm air blows in his face
* is our odd one :-P

* and has one of the cheekiest grins I've ever seen (well I think it's a grin..he he)


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  1. awwwww....he is totally adorable, especially that cheeky grin!!! Love it :)


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